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No Thank You Mcdonald's. I'll pass.


InsertIGN says:

I’m lovin’ it

RichardWeed says:

I just threw up in my mouth

mickod says:

Giving creampies or taking?…I’ll prefer the giving of said pies…

kingj07 says:

Two for a buck!

MrObviousChild says:

Mcdonalds franchising in Silent Hill. Bold move.

whoisandrewj says:

Hopefully it’s quick and easy.

somerandom says:

Well you know more about your relationship than I do, but I’m sure you can convince him. He’s missing out on some fun!

somerandom says:

No worries, talking to strangers about their sex lives never get old!

CutOffHisManhoodAndFeedItToTheGoats says:

Crem Pies in The Mist.

jawaheeb says:

A creampie is not normal intercourse.

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