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No, Twitter isn’t censoring Dorner-related tweets

The article in The Next Web linked in the tweet above is more than a year old and has nothing to do with former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner. Nonetheless, the @Occupythemob tweet has been re-tweeted more than 1,600 times and a lot of Tweeters are repeating the accusation that Twitter has been censoring Dorner-related tweets.

Shame on Twitter for the censorship of the Chris Dorner LAPD hashtag. No First Amendment on Twitter is this China? …

— Stephanie Devins (@MzJulesNYC) February 9, 2013

#ThingsYouShouldntDo Censor Chris #DornerAnd #LAPD From The #TT That’s Right I’m Looking At You @twitter. #Censorship

— Death Famine & War  (@EseJandro) February 9, 2013

BREAKING: Reports that @twitter has been censoring tweets with the #Dorner hashtag at the rquest of @lapdchiefbeck and the #LAPD.

— Kelsey Duckett (@KelseyDuckett) February 10, 2013

.@wytchfinder_gen I’ve seen posts that say @twitter is bowing to #LAPD pressure and censoring the streams. #Dorner.

— Sharon(@srb2245) February 10, 2013

Twitter is censoring all tweets with the word #Dorner. WTF?! This is the Internet, LAPD!

— Jess H. (@Jess92) February 10, 2013

#twitter is #censoring#dorner” at the request of #lapd… smfh

— Short Shift Studios (@Art4Gearheads) February 10, 2013

#dorner #ows #lapd ok, twitter is censoring, everyone change everything except hash tag #dorner they cannot stop that tag.

— Zane Johnson (@DJ_Contraption) February 10, 2013

Twitter censoring dorner hashtags?!?!?! Well I be damned. Thought I lived in AMERICA!

— StarStuddedStatik ® (@statik310) February 10, 2013

Twitter is Censoring Tweets about #Dorner & #LAPD – caj you people see how scared this government is about their corruption being exposed ?

— Arthur Demurchyan (@KingArt86) February 10, 2013

Twitter caught censoring #Dorner hashtag at request of…

— Resident Bad Girl (@MsLuxeSociety) February 10, 2013

Today i am proud to be a citizen of Los Angeles. Twitter censorship has had NO EFFECT on tweeting #LAPD abuse history and #Dorner‘s point

— rakingmuck (@rakingmuck) February 9, 2013

I was wondering why Instagram is censoring certain Dorner hashtags, then I realized who owns it. Twitter is now censored too. Whores.

— Inspector Ratchet (@Jojabber) February 9, 2013

At least one Twitter users accused Twitter of going one step further, censoring tweets complaining about censorship:

Did anyone notice? @occupythemob had a 2k retweet post on twitter censoring “#Dorner“, which always came up first on searches. It’s gone now

— Victor Licata (@VictorLicata1) February 10, 2013

The tweet in question is right here, and it comes up first when searching “Dorner censoring twitter.”

Twitchy has searched in vain for any evidence whatsoever in support of these allegations.

Our verdict: Hoax.

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