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Obama’s Labor Secretary preaches collectivism to Oberlin grads!/PoliticalLaughs/status/471065009045667842

Is anyone really surprised that President Spread-the-wealth’s Secretary of Labor is preaching the gospel of collectivism to impressionable young minds?!/LaborSec/status/471005658855137280

Ussie culture? Seriously? Does this mean we have to see pictures of Anthony Weiner naked with other people now?!/TonyKatzTonight/status/471076379446886401

Individualism is racist. Or something.!/Gre8Scott/status/471050676693630976


.@LaborSec is spreading collectivist propaganda. I want my INDIVIDUAL tax dollars back.…
h/t @redsteeze— Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl) May 26, 2014!/redsteeze/status/471075912923234304

President Selfie's @LaborSec thinks YOU are all 12 yr-olds.

True at Oberlin, but not in adult America…— Ed Shahzade (@Ed) May 27, 2014!/ThePantau/status/471049904878788608!/BolandJon/status/471056478343036928!/AndrewWuest/status/471051499598929920

Communism is like the Hydra though … cut off one head and two more grow in its place.

Is it 2017 yet?

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You could say that.!/michellemalkin/status/471094491365908480

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