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Oh, the hypocrisy…


HubesCumberdale says:

Thats why its so funny

sugarshane says:

Weed is fun in small doses. Too much and you just become a boring person.

Rosbjerg says:

No it’s not, it’s a logical fallacy known as ‘reductio ad absurdum’. Read the classical theater piece “Erasmus Montanus” as an example.

Rosbjerg says:

It’s always good to educate one self, but sure if pressed for time Wikipedia works too.

RenaissanceMan92 says:

I love seeing proper use of logic on Imgur. +1 for you.

iampurplelungs says:

Uranium is a plant?

MikeTython says:

please downvote this one big time

WebMDorCANCER says:

But you can’t rule out CANCER.

drew2057 says:

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think this is the correct meme for this hypocrisy…

faggotcunt says:

Not all believers in a god are douches, but all douches believe in a god.

afrofrycook says:

No, quite a few enjoy the older pagan pantheons or forms of wiccans actually. It’s just the God with a capital ‘g’ that they can’t stand.

SrirachaBukkake says:

because people don’t change at all and they definitely never buy new glasses.

sugarshane says:

Maybe just me.

RollinUpSolo says:

i apologize but you are beautiful and i didnt know man i just didnt know

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