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On Sale – America’s 20,000 Testimonial Self Tanner with Free Guides – Famous Dave’s Self Tanner Mousse Pro Series – Nourishing Self Tanner Foam for Body and Face – Waterproof

Famous Dave’s Tanning Mousse Pro Series Famous Dave’s® Pro Series Mousse is a silky and luxurious alternative to a tanning lotion. With each application, your skin is nourished and bathed in natural ingredients. It’s unique formula is clear and light and dries almost instantly. Why does our Mousse no longer have a color guide? Simply put, other Tanning Mousses use color guides to reduce streaking. They must be used in order to avoid awful results. Color guides are typically super messy, stain clothes/sheets, and some tanners even contain Sulphates. We know this because we are embarrassed to say that our previous Original and Gold Edition’s did. Well, not anymore! No Tint, No Sulphates and NO STREAKING.

Product Features

  • Creates a natural-looking realistic tan instantly and easily
  • Paraben-free and no added fragrance
  • It’s unique formula is clear and light and dries almost instantly
  • Famous Dave’s Pro Series Mousse is super easy to apply, but what truly stands out is the amazing golden brown results.

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Rock & Roll Lover says:

More realistic than most self-tanners I have to use self-tanners due to radiation treatments resulting in sun-avoidance. Famous Dave’s mousse is better than other products sold by Dave. It is also more realistic than other brands that I’ve tried. That said: it DOES rub off and stains your clothes, sheets, etc. It doesn’t matter how long you wait before getting wet. I wish there was some way for it to not rub off! I’ll probably still use the product since I haven’t found anything better. It is easy to apply. There is an applicator…

butterfly says:

perfect If ever you really want a real and natural looking tan this is the one. Theres nothing like it out there any where and its fast drying very natural looking and no one and i mean no one will ever know you arent really laying out and getting this kind of tan.Thank you Dave for making the most perfect tanning lotions and sprays and foams.!!!!!! Every time I use this everybody thinks i layed out all day.!!!! Perfect!!!! Now all my friends want to know what im using to get this rich deep dark…

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