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Blue Pill and The Law of 44 Part 1 ep29 (made with Spreaker)

Source: Episode 29 Part 1 – Know The Ledge’s Brother Blue Pill on The Richard…

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Community Post: The Astronaut On Pinterest You Need To Follow

1. Her photos are out of this world.

Hurricane Raymond as seen from the ISS.

2. She has photos of the US…

The Mississippi River

3. …Cairo…

And the Nile Delta

4. …Tokyo…

5. …The Northern Lights…

6. Even the Moon!

7. She shares what life is like on the ISS.

8. Plus, she has boards that will teach you things…

Like “Science in Space” and “Hair in Space.” And of course a board about quilts, which is really what Pinterest is all about.

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The Secret Weapon of Great Leaders

Take A Bite Out Of These 14 Deliciously Cool Pieces Of Candy Art.

This Halloween, maybe you should keep the candy your kids collect instead of eating it. If you have enough sugary treats, you might be able to create one of these works of art.

Each of these impressive portraits were really made completely out of candy. Maybe Willy Wonka has a bit too much downtime on his hands these days… Or could it be the work of an Oompa Loompa? Okay, silliness aside, these are seriously cool.

1.) Sweet Elvis

2.) Peep bunny The Simpsons

3.) Sugary Lady GaGa

4.) Bubble Bear

5.) Anatomical Sweet Heart

6.) M & Emenims

7.) King of Pop Rocks

8.) Nerds-y Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin from 30 Rock

9.) Ate-Bit Mario

10.) Confectionery Joker

11.) Tasty Toilet

12.) Hubba Bubba Hummer

13.) Sweet Ride

14.) Delicious heels

(via Smosh.)

I would not advice wearing the heels before consumption. That would probably not end well for you.

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Hold the door for someone thank them

Rally drivers ride go pro dog

Former Victoria’s Secret Model Launches Christian Clothing Line

1. Kylie Bisutti confirmed her Bible study-prompted defection from the Victoria’s Secret Angels’ ranks with an autobiography, I’m No Angel, published earlier this year.

Bisutti renounced the modeling industry to live a Christian lifestyle as “a Proverbs 31 wife and mother.”

She did not, however, want to cut her ties with fashion altogether, and is now a part owner of Christian clothing brand God Inspired Clothing. In a quote on the label’s website, she explains, “God inspired fashion is all about spreading God’s word everywhere and making it easier for Christians to share their faith and God’s love. And that’s really what the world needs right now.”

That, and and more skinny jeans!


2. The womenswear collection includes this “the Lord is my strength” tee.


That’s Psalm 28:7, and $22.99.

3. This “profess your faith” Christian pocket tank top.


Romans 10:10 and only $16.99! Sadly, the pocket is not big enough to fit a Bible in. (Other tank tops include “not ashamed of the Gospel” and “do not judge.”)

4. There are lots of “God Inspired” skinny jeans. These are the “love your enemies” split verse women’s Christian skinny jeans.


Matthew 5:44, and $69.99.

5. And these “your word in my heart” Christian skinny jeans


Psalm 119:11 and $59.99.

6. This pair of ravishing hot pink jeans come with “SAVED” in large, all caps print. For “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved,” you see.


Romans 10:13 and $49.99.

7. It’s fair to say Mandy Moore’s character in the film of the same name (Saved) would LOVE them.

8. Some more denim, this time patterned: “the word of God endures forever” fitted denim shirt.


Isaiah 40:8 and $99.99.

9. And this is the “know that I am God” frayed Christian vest.


Psalm 46:10 and $29.99. The teal color is very fetching.

10. And some more teal: the “obtain the prize” women’s blazer.


For the good Christian businesswoman. That’s 1 Corinthians 9:24 and $49.99.

11. Of course there are some prairie skirts in the mix too. This is the “she speaks with wisdom” Christian skirt.


Proverbs 31:26 and $49.99.

12. There’s men’s clothing too. Here’s the “bad company corrupts” Christian button-down shirt.


You could wear this with your Evangelical bowling buddies, or something. 1 Corinthians 15:33 and $79.99.

13. This is the “spirit of power” Christian men’s button-down shirt.


Where was I? Ok, 2 Timothy 1:7 and $69.99.

14. This is an edgy one, the “fear God” Christian button-down shirt.


Ecclesiastes 12:13 and $99.99.

15. God Inspired Clothing’s founders place a particular focus on their childrenswear designs.

The founders of God inspired fashion see a strong correlation between the removal of God’s word and the breakdown of the family unit in our society and ultimately its moral foundation. They believe that sharing God’s word can reverse this trend. ‘Using every part of their lives Christians can unite to change the world,’ said CEO Angie Frost.

By using actual Bible verses on clothes students will be exposed to the most important book ever written. ‘For some children reading the verses on our clothes will be their first introduction to the Bible. We are hoping to spark their interest in the power of God’s word,’ says Stevi Baker, Director of Children’s Clothing. The people behind God inspired fashion are hoping to increase love and curb the violence in our Nation’s classrooms. ‘Bullying is also a big issue for many of the students in our country and if anything can change a bully’s heart, it’s God’s word,’ explains Baker.

16. This is the “”blessed are the merciful” peek-a-boo girl’s tank top with lace overlay.


Matthew 5:7 and $24.99.

17. The “Mmrcy triumphs over judgement” girl’s Christian top.


James 2:13 and also $24.99.

18. One for the boys: the “they will soar like wings on eagles…” Christian tee.


1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 and $24.99.

19. Some more skinny jeans to finish with.


And thus one Bible verse not (yet) included on any of God Inspired Clothing’s, perhaps fittingly, is Leviticus 19:28 — which many Christians believe to forbid tattoos.

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[ [ [ The Tanning of America: How Hip-Hop Created a Culture That Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy [ THE TANNING OF AMERICA: HOW HIP-HOP CREATED A CULTURE THAT REWROTE THE RULES OF THE NEW ECONOMY ] By Stoute, Steve ( Author )Sep-08-2011 Hardcover

Bret Baier’s ’13 Hours at Benghazi’ special moves, angers

Sharyl Attkisson and Fox News’ Bret Baier have perhaps been the two journalists who have most doggedly followed the story of the Benghazi terror attack, and on Friday night, Baier presented a one-hour special, “13 Hours at Benghazi,” in advance of the Sept. 30 release of the book “13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi.”

Baier’s interview with members of the CIA annex security team and their families showed clearly “what difference it makes” and was enthusiastically received by viewers, though it did reignite plenty of anger.!/G_Humbertson/status/508087920818126848

"There's no Greater Love Then to lay down one's life for one's Friends"
John 15:13
#Benghazi #13Hours 🇺🇸 #Heroes 🇺🇸— ☀️Sassy Cowgirl☀️ (@sassyandcowgirl) September 06, 2014






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Meet The Woman Who Is Handing Out 1,000 Valentines To Strangers In New York City

1. On Valentine’s Day last year, Brooklyn-based freelancer Erika Anderson addressed hundreds of Hello Kitty valentines from “me” to “you” and gave them out to people she saw on her work commute.

Jesse Untracht-Oakner

3. “I think it can be such a terrible day, whether you’re single or with someone,” Anderson told BuzzFeed, explaining why she started the project

“There’s inherent pressure for somebody’s affection for that 24-hour period.”

4. So she decided to make hundreds of Valentine’s Day cards, and gave them away to anybody who wasn’t “running away.”

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On her morning commute, she said people were sort of weirded out. But by nighttime, people were much more excited.

“On my evening commute, so many people were like ‘Nobody gave me a valentine!’ or, ‘You made my day!’ I think there’s nothing better than that. So I thought, OK, I should make this an annual thing.”

7. This year Anderson is upping the ante. She’s invited about 50 people to her house tonight for a valentine-making party, where the group plans to make 1,000 notes.

She bought handmade paper and invited people to bring their own cards and supplies.

9. She even has a friend in San Francisco who is extending the movement to the West Coast. There’s also a hashtag this year: #ArmyOfLovers.

Kathrina Manalac, left, Anderson, right

10. “I think adulthood is synonymous with cynicism, and when are we more cynical than on the 14th of February?” she said. “I’m hoping we can counteract that a bit.”

“It’s weird to talk to strangers, it’s weird to give them things,” she said. “I’m going to proceed as I did last year, but I’m going to hope that I won’t do it alone.”

12. Next Friday the 14th, Anderson will ride the A, C, and F trains through Crown Heights and the Lower East Side. Hopefully you’ll see her or another member of the #ArmyOfLovers and get a Valentine of your own!

13. If you want to help out and be a part of the #ArmyOfLovers, let Erika know.

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