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Cate Blanchett Will Star as the Iconic Margo Channing in All About Eve Production

Katie Holmes and Kate Moss Go Seriously Glam for the amfAR Gala São Paulo

Bloomberg’s Interpreter Is the Star of This ‘SNL’ Skit

Leave it to Saturday Night Live to find the hilarious silver lining in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Mayor Bloomberg’s ASL interpretor Lydia Callis — played here by Cecily Strong — became an overnight Internet celebrity because of her exaggerated expressions and dramatic gestures. She stole the show from Bloomberg and we’d even say Sandy herself, so SNL took no pause in having Callis bring some “pizzazz” to its opening skit.

New Jersey even got a shout out when Gov. Chris Christie (Bobby Moynihan) gets to make an announcement with his very own Guidette-inspired interpreter. And Christie admits, he loves Obama but he’ll vote for Romney to be a good team player.

But of course, SNL couldn’t ignore Bloomberg’s impeccable (read: horrid) Spanish accent. At least he keeps trying, right? But Bloomberg definitely really gets white people.

“In the following days the white people of New York will be irritable and moody,” Bloomberg (Fred Armisen) says. “They have no Internet. Do not have Facebook…they cannot watch ‘Homeland.'”

Check out the clip above and tell us your favorite SNL skit in the comments below.

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Thrillseekers Climb Red Gates Building in Moscow (Video)

More Russian kids climbing high-rise buildings and filming their stunts. This time it’s the Red Gates Administrative Building in Moscow.

via vanh1to

Honey, Intel Shrunk the Mobile Processor


Intel will be ready to produce its next-generation mobile processors at high volumes in 2013, the company said at an industry conference yesterday. The new chips will use Intel’s 22-nanometer technology, already present in current PCs and Macs.

It’s harder to integrate new chip tech in mobile processors because of their system-on-a-chip (SoC) nature, which includes things like RAM and graphics (those components are typically separated on a PC). Intel’s 22nm tech would be the world’s smallest — the most advanced chips from Qualcomm (based on ARM architecture) are 28nm, according the the original report from Reuters. Current Intel mobile chips, which carry the Atom name, are 32nm.

Those chips are hard to come by, however. Intel’s presence in mobile devices is practically nonexistent. There are only a few Intel-based phones for sale, and they’re only available in places like China and India. However, many manufacturers — including Lenovo, Samsung and Acer — have debuted Windows tablets based on Intel mobile processors, although it’s unclear how well they’re selling.

Intel’s biggest challenge in mobile has been to build chips that have similar power efficiency as ARM-based processors. The chip technology — which powers the vast majority Windows-based PCs — tends to emphasize performance, although Intel has been iterating its Atom processors to improve efficiency over the past few years.

With 22nm tech, new Intel phones would theoretically be even better on that score. We may get more of a sense of Intel’s plans for 2013 at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January.

Would you buy a phone with Intel inside? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments.

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, mmac72

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Something You Should Know Before The New Vampire Weekend Album Drops

1. On May 14th, Vampire Weekend are dropping their new album, Modern Vampires of the City. / Via http://Stereogum

How exciting!

2. These New York rockers always have something new and fresh up their sleeves. Especially Ezra Koenig, because he’s the most interesting part of the group. / Via http://Spin

Look at him in this silly costume.

3. WRONG! / Via http://The%20Guardian

Just look at this guy. Look at him.

4. Say hello to Chris Tomson, the drummer.

Where did he come from?

5. He’s a drumming ninja. A real-life Energizer Bunny. Look at him go.

Dizzy yet?

6. Even Drum Magazine is impressed.

It seems like there’s a niche for everyone these days.

7. He also makes a gnarly drummer face.

9. This is probably the best example of his ninja arms in action. Seriously, what.

Via http://YouTube

Especially at 00:07 and 01:18. And everywhere else.

10. This is cool, too.


Ninja on the move.

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