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Starbucks Is Jumping on the Avocado Toast Trend

Paris Jackson Makes This $30 Shirt Dress Look So Cool

My daughter, after watching me, started fixing her car.

The 23 Most Important Lessons Learned During Your Childhood

1. What it means to have a beard:

2. All about drug dealers:

3. How to make friends:

4. The meaning of life:

5. What life is all about:

6. The best compliment anyone can give:

7. How to be above the law:

8. What the most important things in life are:

9. How to ask someone out:

10. What freedom really feels like:

11. What to do with Math homework:

12. How terrifying swans are:

13. Why I got all those detentions:

14. Why sleep is not important:

15. All about fashion:

16. How the pioneers traveled:


18. Why school isn’t so bad:

19. How to find true love:

20. Who loves orange soda:

21. “Tupac Shakur” is not a Jewish holiday:

22. How to work out:

23. And that Lori Beth’s information is absolutely VITAL:

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My dad would’ve been 62 today. In honor of him, here’s his favorite joke.

Brian Williams ‘Raps’ Baby Got Back

Brian Williams ‘Raps’ Baby Got Back

Sir Mix A Lot just recently went viral after performing his famous hit rap song Baby Got Back at the Seattle Symphony. That video has amassed over 2.4 million views! Now, Jimmy Fallon‘s editors have again sliced and diced video of NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams to make it appear that he is rapping the hit big-butt dance song. Naturally, the new music video has instantly gone viral. 


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