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4 Splurge-Worthy Skincare Treatments to Try Before Your Wedding Day

Americans Try Brazilian Snacks

Americans Try Brazilian Snacks

Most Americans have never been to Brazil, let alone have tasted any authentically Brazilian food. In honor of the World Cup taking place in Brazil, BuzzFeed invited Brazilian snack expert Clarissa Passos to offer some of the country’s most popular snacks to the American BF staff. Yum!


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Kid Woke Up From Wisdom Teeth Surgery Saying He Loves His Dog Over His Mom

If youve ever had surgery performed on your wisdom teeth, you know how delirious the anesthetics can make you.

Remember the girl that told her mom she couldnt stop choking on penis? Yeah, painkillers are weird.

One 17-year-old kid from Texas found this out the hard way when he suddenly panicked afterthe car ride home from his dental surgery.

No, it wasnt because his mom hit a speed bump while traveling at a high speed. It was simply because he was faced with a dilemma that didnt even exist.

Gabe Rodriguezs own brain confronted him with a huge non-existent problem whether to save his mom or dog if they were both dangling off the edge of a cliff.

The best part? The entire ordeal was captured on camera to remind us about the harsh aftereffects of pain-soothinganesthetics.

The video starts off immediately with Gabe crying like a baby, which prompted his mom Millie to take her phone out and record the gold.

Gabe can be heard sobbing while saying,

Hes such a nice dog.

The kid is clearly referring to his pup named Lincoln. Gabe can hardly get his words out as he cries about the fake death of his dog.

Thats when his mom says,

I dont think you need to worry about Lincoln dying right now. Are you going to be OK? You love Lincoln dont you?

That last question is what yanked the scary truth right out of Gabe.

He immediately responds,

Maybe more than you Its up for grabs.

The (legally) drugged-out kid then goes into detail about why he would save his dog and not the woman who literally birthed him and allowed him to even have wisdom teeth in the first place.

I guess its safe to say a wisdom teeth surgery feels a lot like losing a loved one (that you secretly love more than your mom)? It sure seems that way, Gabe.

Check out the hilarious video above for a closer look!

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Media ‘faux outrage’ douches: Daily Beast reporter mocks World War II vets!/iowahawkblog/status/385233198910676993

Yes, he did.!/Bencjacobs/status/385215141291114496

Ben Jacobs of Newsweek and The Daily Beast took to Twitter to expose his douchebaggery. As Twitchy reported, Honor Flight World War II veterans knocked down the government shutdown barricades on the National Mall in order to visit the memorial to veterans. The vets have reportedly been threatened with arrest now.!/AG_Conservative/status/385239538827661312!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/385250920755240960

To “real journalist” Ben Jacobs, this was an opportunity to mock both veterans and those who are rightly outraged by the ludicrous government barricades.!/NolteNC/status/385225971798126593

Jacobs wasn’t alone. The foul Jonathan Chait was the first to jump aboard the douche-train. He then mocked “faux outrage.”!/iowahawkblog/status/385225478413365248

Poor persecuted Chait!

Fellow New York Mag-er Stefan Becket upped the jackassery both in reply to Chait and Jacobs.!/stefanjbecket/status/385217154117017600


Twitter users rightly gave them the business.!/iowahawkblog/status/385387213208313856!/derekahunter/status/385227263794757632!/NYB2Fight/status/385226973280485376!/UVApolitics87/status/385233048012603392!/Al_B_Damned/status/385233757382250496

Ha! Well, he does “work” for The Daily Beast, so he’ll probably get a promotion. Plus, he may be too busy for such polishing.!/bradcundiff/status/385236672243593217


And Iowahawk brings it all home with some snark perspective:!/iowahawkblog/status/385385323934404608



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‘Hold me!’ Luke Russert laments catastrophic shutdown effect; Citizens ready pitchforks [pic]

‘How will we know what to eat?’ Gasp! #ShutNado to interfere with FLOTUS’ tweets

The bleeding continues: Congressional elevator button pushers become latest shutdown casualty

‘Hold me!’ Luke Russert laments catastrophic shutdown effect; Citizens ready pitchforks [pic]

‘Farewell humans’: Government agencies tweet about not tweeting during shutdown

Shutdown Schadenfreude: Hey, Nancy Pelosi, about that ‘bare cupboard’ …

‘How do I water?’ Citizens chronicle first hour of #Shutnado devastation

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Celebrity Chef Matt Moran Yells At TV Crew For Throwing Away His Food, Storms Off Set

Matt Moran is a famous Australian chef who is well known for his TV cooking shows. After a bit on set, a crew member starts throwing away the food to get ready for the next scene. Matt starts yelling at him saying that was good food that he just spent half an hour making. What a waste!

After the crew says that’s how they work, Matt tells them to find another chef, because he doesn’t waste. Good for him standing up for what he believes in.


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Kate Middleton Rescues the Countess of Wessex From Hilarious Fall at Royal Ascot 

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