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My 10 year old dropped this sage piece of information at dinner tonight.

18 Reasons Summer Sucks For All Women

Because boob sweat.

1. Because summer means swimsuits and swimsuit season always comes entirely too soon.

Because summer means swimsuits and swimsuit season always comes entirely too soon.

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Paramount Pictures / Via

2. And because girls can’t just take their shirts off when they feel too much heat walking down the sidewalk.

And because girls can't just take their shirts off when they feel too much heat walking down the sidewalk.

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Lara Parker

3. Because cute summer shoes mean blisters.

4. Because summer means tan lines that will look weird no matter what you do.

5. Because boob sweat in your nice bras is A PUNISHMENT FROM ABOVE.

6. Because of sweaty ass necks. Wanna wear your hair down? TOO BAD LOL!

7. And because trying to find a pair of shorts that aren’t underwear or awkward capris is a serious struggle.

8. Because wearing makeup is next to impossible, you’ll sweat if off immediately.

9. Because trying to have a solid hairstyle in the summer is almost unheard of.

Humidity + heat + sweat = 🙁

10. And any sort of blow dryer, curling iron, or straightener use is strictly forbidden unless you feel like dying of heat stroke and taking yet another shower.

  • I’M MELTING. *

11. Because summer time means the need to shave more often.

Which probably also means a higher water bill. 🙁

12. And because shaving more often means more razor bump and razor burn.


13. Because wearing a summer dress just means that dress will stick to your sweaty body in all the wrong places.

14. Because wearing shorts or a dress means your legs become a feast for bugs.

15. And so does wearing your favorite perfumes and lotions.


16. Because your legs will stick to everything and leave sweat stains behind.

Please don’t watch me get up.

17. Because wearing sunscreen every waking hour increases your chance of breaking your body or your face out in acne.

Just in case you wanted to feel 16 again!

18. And because in order to wear your favorite sweater, you have to risk heat stroke.

It’s just not fair. 🙁

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Reviews and refinement: Using customer reviews to identify areas for improvement

The holidays are just around the corner and to make the most out of the most wonderful (and lucrative) time of the year, it’s crucial that marketers understand the impact of local search. More than three-quarters of location searches on a smartphone result in visit to a physical store within a day, according to Google data.

To determine what gets to the top of those smartphone search engine results pages (SERP), Google takes about 200 ranking factors into account, such as the quality of content, page speed and customer reviews. But reviews provide more than an SEO boost. They also give you data about how to improve your business from the most valuable source: the customers themselves.

Content produced in association with Brandify.

Reviewing your areas for improvement

A review platform can automate the customer feedback process; monitor third-party sites such as Google and Yelp; and aggregate everything in one centralized place. That’s important because reviews are even more beneficial for you than they are consumers, 92% of whom will at least hesitate to buy a product if it doesn’t have any reviews.

Think of reviews as an advanced form of social listening, a way for you to pull back the curtain and find out exactly what your customers think, in their own words. That feedback is invaluable in identifying and addressing any operational inefficiencies.

One restaurant analyzed reviews across 200 locations, sending those related to food directly to the quality assurance department to make operational enhancements. This helped the brand implement better inventory planning to ensure items did not run out mid-service.

What are the common themes you’re seeing when analyzing your reviews? Where can you improve?

Reviews affect brand perception

One challenge customer reviews pose is just how many of them there are; a year and a half ago, Yelp celebrated its hundred millionth review. Simply reading the vast number of reviews across multiple platforms can be overwhelming, without factoring in how time-consuming it is to manage and respond to them.

And responding is a must. Convince and Convert research found that more than half of consumers expect businesses to respond to their negative reviews; 21% expect a response within 24 hours.

With reviews being so important to people, negative ones obviously hurt your brand perception. This is multiplied if they are left without responses. Consumers are reading about other people’s bad experiences and on top of that, they’re getting the impression that you don’t care enough to address those concerns.

Making the most of your reviews

Working with a local review platform gives you the opportunity to take your reputation management to the next level, monitoring and addressing your reviews in a more seamless, speedy manner. 

More importantly, the right technology allows you to turn negatives into positives. Addressing consumers’ concerns quickly (and publicly) further builds the trust that makes reviews so important in the first place as people see your commitment to providing good, timely customer service.

And most importantly, you gain valuable insights into the issues that were causing the negative perception. Fixing the operational inefficiencies hurting your brand gives you the opportunity to improve your reputation among the customers who left reviews in the past and those who will leave them in the future.

Key takeaway

Hosting customers reviews on your website conveys a sense of trust from Google and other consumers alike. Inevitably, some of those reviews will be negative, which is a stumbling block considering 89% of consumers will stop doing business with a brand altogether after a bad experience.

But monitoring your reviews gives you an opportunity to turn negatives into positives, seeing what people are saying about your business and shooing its shortcomings.


To learn more about the relationship between reviews and relationship management, check out Brandify’s Reputation Management Case Study.

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