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This App Will Help You Avoid Everyone In Your Life

Welcome to the socially awkward person’s dream. This App Will Help You Avoid Everyone In Your Life

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^Avoid this feeling at all costs^ NBC Universal

Cloak is a new app that bills itself as “incognito mode for real life.” It uses the location data from your Foursquare and Instagram to chart out on a map where all your friends and acquaintances are lurking. Your ex just posted a photo to Instagram at 58th St.? ALERT ALERT! STAY AWAY!

It’s like a reverse Foursquare: Instead of knowing where your friends are in case you want to join them, you can monitor where they are to actively avoid bumping into them. It’s a genius concept, even if it does seem to assume that you’re constantly running into old flames, familiar faces, and terrible humans on the street.

Because people don’t stay in the same place forever, their icons will start to fade four hours after checking in on Foursquare or posting an Instagram pic tagged with a location.

Sample screen

Dangerous acquantainces near the BuzzFeed office



The app is made by Chris Baker, who also made the baby photo blocker for Facebook, Troll the NSA, and an assortment of other prankish sites or apps.

Baker used to work in the advertising department of BuzzFeed, but now apparently spends so much of his time actively avoiding his former coworkers that he had to make an app for it.

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Kylie Jenner Confirms She’s Voting For Hillary Clinton In The Most Typical Way

Lets face it, some of the countrys most loved celebrities have been pretty quiet about the presidential election regardless of the fact that its all anyone can talk about.

Taylor Swift has finally broken her silence after being pretty hush-hush about the whole election thing. The star took to Instagram to post a photo of herself standing in line waiting to cast her vote.

This time, Kylie Jenner has finally come crawling out of her celebrity life to acknowledge the presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I cant believe Iactually just said that

Hillary Clinton Donald Trump (*Shivers.*)

Anyway, the 19-year-old star took to Snapchat to connect with her loyal fans while showing off her swaggy VOTE sunglasses in the process. And in case you were wondering just who Kylie Jenner might be voting for, she captioned the photo with the word HER.

If that isnt the most Kylie way to announce your participation in the election, Im not really sure what is.

Hey, look! Kylie Jenners finally acknowledging the US presidential election. I guess it is real after all!

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