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MeDammit says:

An a non pokemon lover, this is fucking awesome!

bochez says:

So they turn into monsters when you try to poke them… OMG IS THAT WHY THEYRE CALLED POKEMON?!

sweetgreerchic says:

OMG. The finger turned black.

ForssFagerstrom says:

Pikachu used Frostbite… somehow it’s super effective

jetmosby says:

Whenever I sneeze I say “Pika, Pika Pika, CHUU” (the CHUU is the sneeze for clarification)

IDontRememberIfItWasATelecasterOrAStratocaster says:

Ha! Haha! HAHAHAHAHAH!! that is all.

ApexPredator97 says:

+1 for burnt finger. Jesus, that makes me sound morbid.

walterjr says:

As a pokemon lover, this is more enjoyable for me as opposed to a non pokemon lover.

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