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Posing Behind Vogue’s September Issue Is The Newest Fashion Meme

1. Early Tuesday, Vogue posted an Instagram of Anna Wintour reading the magazine’s September issue.

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The biggest issue of the year! And this year, it’s particularly big — 902 pages, which is the largest it’s been in a few years.

When Anna does, the world follows. Within a few hours, #Voguestagram-ing has become a full-blown trend.

3. Here’s Oscar De La Renta.

4. And the head of the CFDA, Steven Kolb.

5. Vogue staffers followed suit.

6. People started doing it… in the bedroom.

7. In the office.

8. And on vacation. Fashion memes do not stop for vacation.

9. Children are doing it.

10. Even dogs are doing it.

11. Lots of dogs actually.

12. And of course. CATS.

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