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onedayiwilldatealisonbrie says:

this is fantastic

notverysmartatall says:

Freaking brilliant

kantackistan says:

Excellent execution and application. Because is exe. Is joke. Funny.

skyzophrenicMoose says:

LOL before showing the second one she says “J’en ai un deuxième” which means “i have a second one” in french

Dapperest says:

I love pranks like these. Superficially harmless but psychologically jolting.

kingoftheintroverts says:

I’ve watched hours of them on youtube. Almost cried several times throughout, so good.

surroundedbystupid says:

I couldn’t have said it better myself

WhatUpMyNinjas says:

It’s a repost, but it’s too clever for me to dislike it.

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