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PsBattle: This old-timey looking snowmobile


ZeeLBee says:

Did you take it off any sweet jumps?

chickenlittle22 says:

Oh Stanley! You big hunk!

Fawxy says:

Might be old timey but it looks like it would work pretty good

wantfastcars says:

I’m reminded of those old Rankin-Bass Christmas specials

Bitcerto says:

But why?

domewithouttheE says:

Via imgur snow mobile uploader

dayvidthomus says:

Or an old snowy looking time-mobile.

nikevictory says:

Shocks, pegs… Lucky!

Cheeez1985 says:

They picture me plowing…

ComplimentSandwich says:

A Ford Model Ski

solluxempora says:

Did you take it off any sweet jumps?

DanielofCamelot says:

Do you live in Russia?

phoenixrachel says:

From Reddit: New North Korea tank technology

Trollopatomus says:


ARichTea says:

These hipsters are getting out of control.

DoctorJungyBrongen says:

You got like 3 feet of air that time.

nickmackpaddywack says:

I was “This close” to writing “Model Ski Ford” – well played sir.

thesarahpowellexperience says:

“Eatith thine snow-dust, peasants!”

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