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Puppy's First Christmas. Meet Oliver, the 6 month old muppet!


I6ify says:

I like him, he shares my name.

runslikeagazelle says:

aww puppy. I wanna love you,n hug you,n squeeze you,n love you,n hug you n squeeze you

abopi says:

Hi Oliver

LanceMurdock says:

He’s a lovely muppet.

krudler89 says:

he looks like he strolled off the set of Fraggle Rock

lolkim13114 says:


LadyHaywire says:

I refuse to believe that isn’t a teddy bear.

FezezAreCool says:

Haha instead of “Oh my god” it’s “Oh no god”

JackDManheim says:

At around the 10-month mark, the average ‘Rein-doodle’ learns to fly

FezezAreCool says:

He’s just thinking about when you’re gonna leave so he can rip up those presents under the tree.

LadyHaywire says:

Haha. It’s the new #SOCKS. #ONG

Sprinkleton says:

Muppet Christmas with the Fraggle Rock crossover was my childhood and I’d forgotten all about it till you said something!

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