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Raising Black Children in America


Its not easy being handsome says:

Let's face it, people! Blacks (sub-Saharan Africans) are seen as inferior by all other races because they are less evolved than other races, and still bear resemblance to apes. And it's not skin-deep. If it is just skin-deep, then African albinos would look exactly like Whites, and we all know this is not the case. For example, the bone and skeletal structures are different; the musculature is different; the behavior (e.g., aggression) is different. Their problems reside in their genes.

cminus23msw says:

Weak arguments

Scopey Mosley says:

after reading all of the painful comments below the best thing I can say is that we are all numb both black and white, it just makes me want to eat chocolate cake everyday! Love you all!

White Nationalist says:

A panel of ALL niggers. What a surprise, no intelligent opposition…all one-sided.

ttown tac says:

ends with a smile scum

ttown tac says:

what is sad is they let these fucks on the air white men are killed by police more then blacks but nobody talks about that white men are beat up by police thrown in prison white people watch this and are screaming it happens to everyone what a disservice they give the you kids who listen.pure scum

I am Rockit! says:

this was well played. good job guys. let them know tht true judgment had arrived. the change has come.

Jojo Rock'allNations says:

u all a joke Man,,, u all dis respect all with your shit of black and with bs,,……….. when not know how America begin,, u all are not thankful and why judgment is on the hill.

guns dont kill people i do Tony says:

i just dont understand why the daddy just gets them pregnant then leaves and off to the next one.a boy needs a man to show him values.they need not complain if there not gonna stay take care. of there response ability's.

Jae J says:

Blacks are always complaining. It's not new.

kwS37 says:

Those "conversations" are the problem. Pointing out color keeps the hate alive… End of story. They make it sound smart, but it's still racism and hatefulness. The cops have shot and killed, and mistreated innocent white people too, so, I don't agree that this is a reason to keep racism and hatefulness alive. Cops need to be punished for these things, yes, for sure, something needs to be done about this, but again this is no reason to keep racism alive. Because when anyone separates color in this way its racism. Equality is what we should teach our kids, not white and black, or Hispanic, and Asian, etc…. Come on people, we are all better than this…

Marcus Ledger says:

I love being black, but fuck its hard. White people are such devils

Foreduca says:

"young black men face special challenges" wth is this a psychological disorder? This guy was a young black male once. Is that how he saw himself 'specially challenged' while he sits in front of millions of people earning a decent income? This just pisses me off. No you don't have great parents, yes you're neighborhood sucks but what in this video gives these boys any sense of hope or any solutions? How about using this platform to say "I know it's hard but you can get through this. Start with reading at least a book a week. Do extra math" Does anyone have any idea how helpful this might be? Even to just one kid?

Foreduca says:

This is the biggest load of bullshit that I've ever heard. Why would I tell my kid to be a little bitch; "if an officer pulls you over make sure you hold your hands up sweety." This is stupid and this is a part of the problem; stop being a little bitch for people and teach your kids to be men and women. In a calm and respectful tone "is there something I can help you with officer." is more suitable. If the cop is racist and is going to shoot your kid he is going to die anyway. At least he would have died with self respect and honor. Everyday we hear stories of kids getting so offended if a white person calls them the N word. Yes the white person is racist, yes he should get kicked off campus but why the hell are you so butthurt, why do the words of racist matter to you so much? Do you not have lives to live? Great things to do? A world to change? Jesus Christ!!! stop living in fear and start focusing on becoming great, yes the racist bastard called you the N word, so what? I need to find the cure for cancer. So what? I need to become the next president. Holy shit your life isnt tied to what some asshole calls you.Stop being a freaking coward and grow a pair and teach your kids to not care about other people and focus on becoming the best they can be. shit.

Afro Gene says:

"If you make us uncomfortable we will kill you." <<<<THIS. To teach your child to dress, walk, and talk this way to make white people feel less threatened / comfortable (which is nonsense. White people are NOT threatened by the way African Americans dress, in the least bit) is a mental trap to box your child into psychological slavery. Now you have to walk this way, talk this way, dress like this .. God forbid you have your radio too loud (you really are a threat then). All of this puts one into a psychological prison. It's like being the good 'ol Uncle Tom. It's slavery re-incarnated … modernized… Slavery 2.0 ugggh… this conversation was a waste. Just ratings for CNN. No change will come from this.
We've had so many Televised conversations like this … leaving black people to argue amongst themselves with no real solution…. Enough talk

Brad Ipod says:

I can't believe the rapper was the guy who made the best point. It's true. If black people don't make white people comfortable, whites will either kill or hurt them in some way. white privilege= white comfort


In today's America it is more dangerous to be black. But it is due to the stereotype that the black community has created on themselves. There is a reason Cops are more likely to be suspicious of a black man than an Asian, or Indian Man. It is not about race, it is human nature. We all form stereotypes and pre judge. But stereotypes can also be positive: "Asians are good in school" is also a stereotype.

Kevin Vaughn, Jr. says:

Parents listen. We must do about our children:

Challenge For Parents:

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