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Serato Icon Artist Series – Just Blaze


ColeMizeStudios says:

dope video! always enjoy checking out Just Blaze videos! Keep em coming!!
Much love! – Cole Mize 

djdeemaks says:

“As long as a party rocks, thats’s all that matter”

That is just the pure fact. Technology is progress. Get with it or get left

DjAnomoly says:

Speak on it homie… 

Danny Pizano says:


DJ Ricky Jay says:

Very Motivating, nicely done fam!

Anthony Campanelli says:

So Much respect, he said it the way it is, the computer doesn’t mix or
scratch for you, doesn’t tell you what to play, it’s advancement. 

Basil S says:

that sync button is cheating though…

Zendro says:

Spot on. Love it.

DJ AzYz Barrow says:


djcyberia says:

Great video! I kept thinking of the epic rap battle with Eli Porter hearing
that beat! Rosie O’Donnell at a bisexual bridal shower!!!

DJ Sw!Ft ARUBA says:

Amen Nigguh!

Dan Grey says:

Yes to everything he just said 

Bryan Miles says:

Thank You Just Blaze for making the statements you made about technology
and progress.

bigrippp says:

I agree 10000000000%

DJ Henry GQ says:

I wish i could hang out with him for a weeknd! that would make my life :)

dj exodus says:

Can you mix and scratch on vinyl though big ups

Dauph Lungren says:

Fuck it, bucket by Osh Kosh B’gosh

Eazy EL Dee says:

Agreed!!! It’s a great time to be a DJ!

Lawson Fletcher says:

his set at Listen Out in Melbourne blew me away – so frantic and amazing
energy – much love!!!

Naviii R says:

Just with the struggle bigen

AsTHEDj says:

That HOW I feel it’s all about the people have a GOOD time.they don’t care
what your using just keep the party going…!

Bpm Supreme says:

great video !! 

DJ Equipment - says:

vteccream says:

“It’s not cheating, it’s progress.” All you people who don’t believe what
Just Blaze said, in context to advancement in DJ technology, better take
good notes.

Jay Santiago says:

Yeap its a great time to be a dj…

Sergio Bowser says:

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