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So now I've been singing it all day


fapmistress says:

Nuts to you, limey.

Verarde says:

I can’t read that recipe suggestion.

Verarde says:

Whoa, thanks! Looks tasty.

CFH4DMB says:

That was the oddest thing I’ve ever done on the Internet .cant find the blueberry bread recipe though.

CFH4DMB says:

Also, you’re welcome

Verarde says:

How the heck did you even find it?

darikm7 says:

Does anybody remember Coke Lime?

EulalieMcKecknieShinn says:

And Bigger! “Give ’em a twist, a flick of yer wrist” That what the showman said!

iamthewalrusdog says:

Now let me get this straight…

shoeboxwarrior says:

Put the lime in the coke, you nut, and drink them both up!

tiger68 says:


packersfan85 says:

TIL that you can in fact put the lime in the coconut

MrSmite says:

That’s a good question, but I’d have to examine their oxygen saturation levels before I’d dare get back with you with a definitive answer.

MrSmite says:

Well, after a day of testing, my only conclusion is that they have no oxygen or emotions. They’re cartoon characters. Depressing!

Icantbebothered says:

My name is ALWAYS relevant!

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