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Some graffiti in St. Pauls, Bristol, UK; One of the poorest areas in the city.


YourComplacencyDefinesYou says:

complete pairs as opposed to what?

jabbaciv says:

American exceptionalism is quaint. And wrong.

rohlandem says:

As a pogostick, how much are uncomplete pairs?

rlyehcthulhu says:

As it is with most things.

ipv6freely says:

Honestly don’t know, but based on the designer it’s likely either shoes, pants, or sunglasses. All of which are a good deal @ 2 for $186.

ipv6freely says:

Well okay then. So you are in school, then?

ipv6freely says:

How come? Why not go to school?

ipv6freely says:

So was I. Parents on welfare growing up. One day got sick of working in a factory, and went to school.

ipv6freely says:

Not bad I suppose.

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