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Some Guy Just Posted His Dad’s Creation Online. It Didn’t Seem Like Much At First. Then… WHOA!

At first glance, this sculpture by Andy Yoder might not seem like much. A globe is something most people have seen. When you look closer at the project his son posted online, though, you’ll realize it’s much more than just a globe. For two entire years, the sculptor dedicated his free time to crafting this enormous globe out of something you’d never expect.

This globe might not look like much from a distance.

But it took Andy Yoder 2 years to build it.

That’s because he fashioned it out of something unique.

Now look closely…

See those tiny points of color?

The thousands of dots?

Those were hand-placed there.

And they are matches.

The sculptor spent hundreds of days carefully arranging them.

Building an entire world

He even included Hurricane Sandy in the creation.

The swirling weather pattern is just hitting the US’s eastern coast.

It’s hard to imagine having the patience or the talent to create something like this.

You may think it’s easy…

But it’s a world of labor and time.

“Early One Morning” depicts the globe as it was when Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast of the United States. It’s amazing to see such detail created just out of matchsticks. Source: Reddit Share his awesome work with others. And resist the temptation to light one of them.

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