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Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap – ALL FREESTYLES COMPILATION


Viktor Hanačík says:

Love the whole procces, The most MosDef and Kool they spitting the inner so
virtuosily. I’m Silly from Czech Republic and hitting the flow as the ocean
flick…God need to see them Live one day gonna trip to America..

Kris says:

Kanyes was a prewritten… He spat that on Gorgeous – Kanye ft Kid Cudi..
And some of his bars were on My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy.. It was
still dope tho

Dakota Evans says:

Kanye was raw… Ras Kaas impressed… Joe Budden went a route i didnt
think he could pull off but shit…

Kris says:

Where can I watch this on youtube

BARburryem says:

8:48 Red Man – Im a Street Fighter like Baraka? wdf?…ayo RedMan… Baraka
is from MK not SF… lmfao ma dude

Anthony Romano says:

Hahahaha Snoop at the end hahaha, all I had to say

ctr8drfan says:

Granpa caz nigga,never grew up nigga,illeterate nigga,you a old ass nigga

Hend Amin says:

Salt from Salt n Pepa was only one out of two female rappers in this movie,
and they chose to film her in a kitchen. All other male rappers were shown
in their studio, on the streets, etc, while Salt was depicted in quite the
stereotypical setting associated with femaleness. I enjoyed most of this
documentary, but I wish that they had more of an unbiased female
perspective on the world of hip hop.

thetoucan3 says:

where’s the rest of Immortal Technique freestyle?

Joseph Hardy says:

This movie was the shit. I truly loved it. If you have any love for rap
music this is a movie that you will love. It takes you on a trip thru the
history and the the present of rap. Good documentar. 

Dylan Scott says:

Thank you Ice-T

Andrew Zeleno says:

I’ll tell you something. Read my post!
I have listened rap for almost 20 years. I was successful rap artist in my
This movie is 10 from 10.
The problem is this movie is necrologue. There isn’t any modern rapper.
Even Common and Kanye West work in old school style. The reason is there is
noone good modern rapper
Also I don’t hear any modern beat in this movie. And again there is nothing
good to play. In the movie only good old sampled beat with vinyl and tape
sounding. No computer synthesizors and auto-tupers on vocals.
Hip Hop died in 2000. Hip Hop R.I.P.

ACWall985 says:

redman kinda got sumthin incorrect on his freestyle saying “street fighter
like baraka” baraka is from mortal kombat

Furious Vibes says:

@vvallterbreneka The rest of the immortal technique isnt there cuz its his
verse from Frontlines ft. Diabolic

xxxmrhankixxx says:

lol i think immortal technique had something more to say ^^

Ronald Williams says:

Noooooooooo doubt!

planetllama says:

Kool Moe Dee’s moustache <3

Photi Karagiannis says:

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