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Soon, Jewelry Can Plug Into Your Veins to Generate Electricity From Blood Flow.

Blinker, Blood Bridge, and Pulse Conductor. If these names sound like things from a dystopian future, then Naomi Kihzner’s mission was accomplished. The Israeli graduate student designed three pieces of jewelry that (brace yourself) plug into your veins and generate power from your blood. The pieces are only concepts at the moment, but they were created to get people to really reflect on their energy dependence.

Think of the extremes we go to in order to get oil for our cars or power for our phones. Will we continue to become more and more desperate until we’re using our own blood as a means to power the gadgets we’ve come to love? Take a look at the jewelry and think about whether or not this is the type of thing you’d ever consider doing.  


Pulse Conductor/Blood Bridge

Blood Bridge

In addition to taking pictures, Naomi also made a video to accompany the jewelry project.

(via Naomi Kihzner, H/T demilked)

Not only are these pieces beautiful, they really make you think about how far we’re willing to go for energy. As the title for her project, “Energy Addicts,” suggest, it truly is an addiction.

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