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Spies of Mississippi: The State-Sponsored Campaign to Defeat the Civil Rights Movement


babyblueLEGEND says:

Death to the sellouts, death to all sambos

wulfina moon says:

black people wake up, the republicans are out to get you.

wulfina moon says:

They just shut down affirmative action while leaving extra points for
veterans and rural people, that’s discrimination. Republicans use a code;
stand your ground means you can shoot black people in florida but they
can’t shoot whites, thugs means N word, welfare mother means black mother
not working, crack means black criminal, guns are for shooting blacks.
Because when they talk keeping assault weapons they are not about keeping
them for the crips. They are talking about assault weapons to be used by
whites to on crips (crips, bloods means blacks).

Filmtress Mu says:


wulfina moon says:

notice how the republican party goes nuts when you attack the confederacy
and how they try to say the the civil-war was about states rights and not
slavery. Do you all know that the democrats, the solid south switched
parties when the democratic party supported civil rights, they all moved to
the republican party. The southernization of America.

Sirius Jones B says:

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