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Spike Lee “I Find It Interesting You Have To Have Influx Of White New Yorkers For Services To Go Up”


Ry Hu says:

“Harlem is a historically black neighborhood…”. No Spike, Harlem is
historically a a Dutch neighborhood. Haarlem along with Konig island,
Staaten island and Manhaaten, were founded by the Dutch along with the
entire state which was known as Niew Amsterdam. The English decided to
take that shit over and only change the name of the state. Spike, I
enjoyed your films for the sake of promoting equality amongst humans during
my youth. I must be getting older, because your bullshit is tired.

Fistwagon says:

Spike expects help to come from the government and not from himself and
“his people”. He thinks prosperity is like rain from the clouds. “Why it no
fall on my peeps?!” 

bselect618 says:

its ironic to hear a black guy get upset because of culture change – would
he be pissed if we started busing white kids to the schools in the area??


This is happening slowly in New Orleans… Happened in San Francisco in the
late 90’s

wherearetheynowguy says:

Go back to Atlanta, Spike, You were never a Brooklynite

TheDopestEthiopian1 says:

Blacks need to focus on practicing self preservation. We need to begin
investing in our own communities, taking better care of our existing
communities and insuring that black owned businesses thrive in our own
communities. Whites didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to move back
to the inner city excuse me they have now changed it to intown..
Gentrification was planned some thirty years ago. In Spike Lee’s Do the
Right Thing it touched on the issue of gentrification. So blacks need to
become proactive rather than reactive.

Marvin Price says:

If higher income people move in, they pay MORE taxes. Services go up. It’s
not rocket science. I’ve watched things change in Los Angeles. With
unchecked illegal immigration, blacks have been pushed out of
neighborhoods, jobs, and the city in general. Our population is declining.
In Downtown LA (going through a gentrification process of its own) its
interesting to see that there are basically 3 groups. Blacks, Whites, and
Hispanic. The whites tend to have the power jobs, work toward the west in
the major corporate high rises, the Hispanics tend to have every single
other job that exists, and the blacks make up the homeless and skid row

Joe Haas says:

By Spike Lee’s own definition Hispanic and black people are bogarting
America all over. This is a country founded entirely by white people and
one built predominantly by them. Why is it any different that the colored
people are bogarting the white peoples’ country because it’s successful and

ric ricland says:

This is so incoherent it’s a wonder anyone listens to him. Incidentally,
it’s not the “same whites” moving back in as he so ignorantly said. And
finally, his solution has been tried a 1000 times before and failed each
time — affordable housing. 

gunterdak says:

I don’t believe in limiting people’s potential because of race. I believe
that, as a black man, Spike Lee has the same right as anyone else to be
considered a total fucking asshole. I’m gonna stand up for Spike’s right
to be a misguided, intellectually childish asshole, regardless of race, and
I am NOT gonna let the white media take that right away from him! That’s
the dream that Dr King was fighting for. That we are all treated equally!


Hooray for racial equality! I feel like we’ve made a lot of progress

xlingboss says:

There’s a gas explosion up in East Harlem right now 2/12/14 that caused the
collapse of two buildings, let’s see if some expensive condos get rebuilt
in their place smh!

Gaud333 says:

Spike Lee = Cancer

whereismybailouttv says:

All he’s saying is as a neighborhood improves, don’t take away it’s
history. Because if the only way a neighborhood improves is when whites
move in, how is that not racist?

curldivgrad says:

they criticize us for leaving (white flight) and they criticize us for
returning (gentrification). You can’t win with these people. I bet they
will still blame us even when we are long dead.

aybesee123 says:

crime didnt follow you idiot…

20carrocks says:

Who stole away whose culture? Whites lived in these neighborhoods FIRST.
Blacks didn’t move in there until the 60s. Crime naturally went up,
property values drop, and then came White flight.

lemmieatit says:

Black homeowners should just continue to jack the rent up on these
so-called Hipsters. If they want to live in these areas, let em pay. The
Jews charge an arm and a leg cor those glass towers they’re putting up all
over Williamsburgh. And they never rent or sell to Blacks (including their
affordable units).

Andrew Morris says:

Spike Lee always has a retarded look on his face.


Rich or poor isn’t the point we have to focus on what society does….we
have very intelligent children in 3rd world nations who are born into
poverty who’s resources feed major societies….so are they less better
than us?….just because you are gifted or smart or rich doesn’t make your
opinion better, only mean you have to reach out to the ones who are less
positioned and help…..white or black…..and build not fight and argue
and talk down to others cuz that only means you are being ignorant and if
you are rich or educated and quick to insult then learning class and true
life ethics is still your missing link…..

nosimpin1 says:

why would a black person have issues with white people? hmmmmm that’s a
hard oneeeeeee

Ryan Lake says:

Spike Lee perpetuates racism more than most. He does a disservice (although
it’s very profitable to him) to those he purports to lobby for. 

Joey Berezanski says:

I think Spike Lee should stick to making movies. Whining has become his
full-time job.

vickie oglesby says:

Spike Lee is right….action need to be taken against total
gentifrication….l live in los angeles..and affordable housing should be
put up right alongside condos..this could work..why not a mixed
neighborhood…now..I dont live on skid row..but that area is being taken
back by white collar workers..but I dont see why homeless shouldnt be given
incentives for treatment..affordable housing..and incentives for job
placement which would instill a sense of pride..and make their neighbors
less afraid of them

swankrecords says:

Mr. Issue.

Major Ward says:

Even if you do care, you have no economic means of changing it worth any

Rob Hammond says:

It’s also happening in Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Pete W says:

The only way to truly solve the issue of displacement in gentrified
neighborhoods is through community education. No matter what ethnic or
cultural group it is, the people need to understand how to empower
themselves and keep their communities before they blame the upper class
after the fact. That’s how the Armenians kept Glendale in LA, and how the
Koreans kept K-Town. Property value in those neighborhoods still went up,
but the communities weren’t displaced because the people took it upon
themselves to get the right education. The majority of people in Echo Park
and Silverlake were not properly educated or prepared for gentrification,
and that’s how hoards of trust fund hipsters and WASP yuppies moved into
their neighborhoods. It’s difficult uphill battle, especially for poor
neighborhoods, but that’s the reality. You can’t fight the real estate
market if sentimentality and cultural roots are the only bullets in your

Nick s says:

Services are paid for. The more actual taxpayers that move in to an area,
the more tax money there is to allocate to these services. Why are the
people working hard to earn money always villified, when they are having to
support their own families as well as the families of someone who cant or
wont support their own? Whites are villains if they flee cities because
theyre afraid of black, theyre bigger villains if they actually want to
live near them and make those areas better.

lrwguitar says:

Spike lee you are a motherfucking punk arse racist prick

R Nichols says:

Most hypocritical shit I’ve heard. I can’t get over how dumb this
motherfucker is.

Ronnie Fly says:

This is why Jesus has to come back to save His Skin of Bronze wooly hair
People!! Shalom to real Israelites & Hallelujah!! 

Xiao-fang Ruan says:

I completely understand what he is saying. This is not the case for only
African American and Hispanic neighborhoods. A year ago, in Chinatown, a
man who was playing Canton Opera had played many years. Just because the
“new people” that moved into condos around the area complained about it, he
was forcefully arrested, frisked, and injured by the police. It was a
violent incident that the Chinese community that spoke out about. I had
lived in Brooklyn all my life, and witnessed higher real estate prices with
lower and stagnate wages for those who have college degrees and even master
degrees. Many African Americans and Hispanics that have a GED/ HS diploma
are either forced to work closed to minimum wages can only stay in poor
conditions, or live in horrific public shelters (please see NY times
document about Dasani living in public shelter). It becomes a vicious cycle
for those that do want to stay in NYC. Drug abuse, violence becomes an
integral part of this living because pressures on sustaining living. Either
that or move south. So why should we look on the bright side of
gentrification when there are so many negatives to it? Spike Lee made a
good point stating that gentrification is bad because no affordable housing
and no respect for the established culture. Authorities should not play
favor to a particular class or race. This would truly play against the
ideals of what this country usually trumpets to the world. 

Clarence E Baldwin Jr says:

Money talks. Now, if these were working class white folks coming in and
getting things that black folks weren’t, then he’d have beef. But we live
in a world of lords and serfs. Haves and have nots. It’s not strictly about
black and white in this instance.

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