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Steve Stout Interview at Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (02/26/2014) (FULL)


CaliGirl8686 says:

I’ll take you to the candy shop. I’ll let you lick the lollipoooop. *In
my hangover part 1 voice. lolololol

BeatDownz911 says:

I enjoy watching him speak, he is very intelligent and has great composure
& insight.

GL0baL1nt3L says:

50 gon’ beat diss nigga up

MrAlex3132003 says:

Had to Google EXACTLY who Steve was… I knew he had a hand in hip
hop. Watched the whole vid even tho. Great job Breakfast Club

Browngirl says:

Steve Stout is Gay . I have Gaydar . Plus did you see that picture of him
hugged up with diddy

DawnMarie Adams says:

Thank you for the education today!!!!!

Juan McKelvey says:

Probably the best interview I’ve seen.

Judy says:

Is that really all there is to it because that’d be flsgebrgaatinb.

malaikadiva says:

Steve Stout is a paid heck! Dancing around the whole Kanye thing – he just
wants to profit off Kanye! Next person please!!

Minerva says:

It’s like you’re on a missoin to save me time and money!

Grim Reaper says:

They censor the word “nigga?” Really? I just seen an interview where
Charlamagne was using it and often. What’s with the change?

ToroidalVortexLove says:

What he says about NAS confirms what I suspected, Nas is a true artist.

Onepen03 says:

Kanye West should have manufactured the shoe himself and made all of that
money, he wanted to be with the corporation

Thee Gooch says:

2 shiny bald dudes look funny side by side lol besides that nonsense, I
learned. Steve Stout is a cool dude that I’ve only heard of in music.

Ian Kennedy says:

Great interview!! One of the reason I subscribed to this channel. They
should have more professional, insightful and educational videos like this.
His views, perspectives and thought make us all think

leucotomy101 says:


lafucil says:

The reason I started watching breakfast club. He needs to be on every week.
Very smart, insightful and business oriented.

iClassic says:

Intellectual capital

Lele says:

Grade A stuff. I’m unaelstionqbuy in your debt.

Chris The Rapper says:

Head Sanford, heady Murphy bald buffer, dickhead

junior marvin says:

i’m wondering why the so called 50 cent fans don’t want hear somebody
talking the truth about him, but yet he can say anything about people and
it’s cool for them huh, AND what steve stout is saying is the truth.. SMH

Margarita Herrera says:

oh boy charlamane talking about “contradictory”! stop hating on Kanye.
Steve said it right, why should Kanye stop dreaming big? everytime
charlamane talks about Kanye is as if Kanye is supposed to settle or be
conformed with what He has and just sit down. Charlalame yous a HATER!
hidding behind that “interviewer mask.

Joshua Moore says:

Damn good interview! 

xnow thelastmc says:

Steve stoute is the man!

HipHopxKickz says:

50 Cent don’t like this dude very much lol and I see why that is exactly.

Roudy St.fleur says:

so stop clowning people 

miznay30 says:

Awesome interview. I’m now a fan of this man

K Guevara says:

im glad they read the comments, cause this the type of interview the ppl

jupshaw50ify says:

lol they still bad mouthing Kanye and S.S. came in and reminded them who
they’re talking recklessly about.

Flora says:

I’m rellay into it, thanks for this great stuff!

101dkokomaster says:

‘magne was outta comebacks about yeezy lol 

ezekielthemack says:

Charlamagne is a fucking idiot, if he thinks that young people of today
aren’t as racist as the racist parents who gave birth to them. They need to
get his dumb and naive ass off the breakfast club. Fucking idiot.

dro garcia says:

Charlemagne….. take that L son

CodeChief says:

They need to interview more businessmen

Leo LaMont says:

Can yall please tell your guest to speak into the gat damn mic! 

Coco cj says:

He’s just like Pdiddy both are gay and latch on to what’s hot at the moment
As soon as someones popularity diminishes they pull out. Only 50 cent has
the guts to call them out on it.

wiezewee says:

Now I know who J.Cole was talking about in “Nobody’s perfect”. Very
insighful interview.

Latasha says:

Knocked my socks off with knogdelwe!

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