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dsjj251 says:

so stupid. the parents overrated.

Riot035 says:

stupid parents he is so amazing, overrated parents

xkaliber72 says:

@Washanen07 you sound like a bafoon!the man is going to talk to kids about
staying out of the streets and get and education to be something.not to go
down the road he did.and you worried bout him teaching em to SNITCH? you
the type of idiotrs that give these rednecks a reason to bitch!

xkaliber72 says:

@Washanen07 i hope you aren’t somebody’s parent cause that child gon be
fucked up.

xkaliber72 says:

@Washanen07 so when someone in your family gets killed by some bitch ass
coward and you or your kids see the just mind ya bidness and keep
it movin?or worse one of your kids get still want people to keep
it movin??

socqtes says:

but i bet they wouldnt be complaining if T.I donated money to the school!

xkaliber72 says:

@Washanen07 pure bafoon! first off don’t blame T.i if some kid knows his
music.that’s the parents fault!parental advisory is on all his music.and
usually the ones talkin so much shit bout snitchin are the biggest singers
in the go tell it on the mountain bapist churc Choir. you seem like a
soprano to me!

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