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Tanning 101


Syd T. says:

Did you have fun at your uniform fittings??

booker72310 says:

Great tips girl. I really like this video. I love that Loreal Sublime stuff
it really is the best. My tip for that (hope you dont mind) is put lotion
on first then put that self tanner on. Then you wont be orange. And then
you can just apply lotion & self tanner on everyday or everyother day till
you feel comfortable with the color. 🙂 I think I will go & put some on
right now actually. 🙂

Schawa x says:

What does that 101 stand for?

starstruckable100 says:

dont recomend my friend was orange when she did it so yay

handsdowntaylor says:

I got a cold in the summer too 🙁 Love you Natalie!

Lucyintheskywithbadgerrs says:

Can you do a video on how to put on self tanner. Sorry if that sounds
strange just I never did it and im not too sure like how. Do I just rub it
on everywhere?

starstruckable100 says:

also she used over 16 brands and still had the same results

Hannah Buis says:

You should put your twitter and instagram and anything else you have in the
downbar for all your videos. Just saying.

JoyShareSmile says:

I get colds in the summer!!! 🙂

MsKaetlynnsBeauty says:

How do you get subscribers? I need more & I am trying hard 🙁 Imake vids
like a lot 🙁

Emily Dailey says:

Just be careful, any tanning is horrible for you, The st tropez tanning
mousse works wonders 🙂

kelsey bieber says:

when you go into a tanning bed does it get reallllllyy hot? or…? hahaha
can anyone answer this question?

fearlessliving says:

Omg! Love your hair and the bow<3

Rachel Phillips says:

I hate lotion too!

maclow1238 says:

love it as usual!

booker72310 says:

Before you put selftanner on I would recommend putting on lotion. Because
some self tanners will make you look very orange. Then yes just like you
would put lotion on just spread on the self tanner like that. I also
reccomend self lotion tanner not spray that way with the self tan lotion
you can spread it on all over body evenly. Hope this helps.

yuliet_xo says:

Can everyone get tan? because i’m really pale and never get tanned :/

WildHairedChild says:

I Wish i was tan . lol . well , i am kinda. (:

kaylee Shaffer says:

“hello sun, come give me skin cancer” hahahahah 😀

Sharnae K.S says:

I’m really pale and burn not tan. I live in Australia so the sun is really
strong. Luckily my Aunty has a beauty salon and does fantasy tans (amazing
fake tan brand). I found out before we went to Fiji last year that the
express 4 hour before wash off one works amazing on my skin i can go darker
than normal and it still looks so natural.

xxdrpepperxx2 says:

sunscreen smells amazing

breeweezy143 says:

It does not get really hot, there’s usually a fan blowing on you & it’s
just super bright so you need to wear eye protectors..

Rachel Wasserman says:

Do you have a twitter?

Emma says:

I really love your videos!

fearlessliving says:

Hawaiian Tropics works for me too 🙂 alot better than the Banana Boat one.

starstruckable100 says:

i usally put sunscreen on and then put water on me and i get tanned super

Lucyintheskywithbadgerrs says:

Haha I got a cold in summer bout a week ago!

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