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Tanning Lady, AIDS syringe, 2012 — News Thursday Episode 1


Regi T. says:

“2yes later…purse!” too funny. Shout out to Stephanie being equally fly

Thalia Durling says:

Oh my god I’m dying with laughter

Smoothiefreak says:

Hell yeah! Welcome to the fam-bam.

Smoothiefreak says:

Please do!

Long Jumper says:

of course Akilah would throw someone in the way.

Tom K says:

These are the two most attractive women on youtube. Loved the video.

Alicia Monique says:

Of course he lives in Nebraska.

missamericanpie1 says:

“This woman is a purse!”

StoneThug Music says:


Cheekalob says:

I am going to make you superfamous

Smoothiefreak says:

you allllllready know.

JoshRimer says:

Well, at least you aren’t someone who thinks the world is going to end,
looks like a purse, and got stabbed with AIDS… Subscribe!

bluekeet says:

they needz a cock up they puzzy

Smoothiefreak says:

HAHAHAHAH. I fucking love us. Vidcon, please!

Casey Jones says:

What’s better than Purse-Women, AID Filled Syringes, and the world ending?
The sound my mouse makes as it clicks the subscribe button!

JoshRimer says:

Ya, can’t wait – just booked my flight last night! 🙂

Smoothiefreak says:

yes!!! that’s the vibe we wanted! yes! thank you!!!!! we’ll make it every

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