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Teeth Tattoos Are A Hot New Thing For Some Reason

This might be the weirdest new trend in a while.

1. People have apparently run out of places to tattoo their bodies and are now turning to their teeth.

3. Though it sounds like a new fad, teeth tattoos have actually been around for the last decade, Connecticut dentist Steven Landman told Complex.

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Pacific Dental Associates

5. Called “tatteeth,” the procedure can unfortunately only be done for people who need dental crowns.

7. In order to tattoo a tooth, a dentist takes an impression of the tooth that needs to be fitted with a crown, which is then sent to a lab that can add the design. The artwork costs $75 to $200.

9. The first tattoo on a tooth was nearly 20 years ago, at the Suburbia Dental Laboratory in Bloomfield, Conn., when a customer asked for an image of a corvette to be put on his crown.

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11. And the possibilities for teeth tattoos are as endless as the the wall of a Jersey Shore tattoo parlor: People have apparently gotten Homer Simpson, sports and band logos, and cats.

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