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Terrible Friends Throw Passed Out Roommate Off Balcony To Wake Him Up (Video)

There’s something about Australia that makes it seem like its citizens are enjoying life so much more than everyone else, and I consider myself a fan of most of the antics that come out of everybody’s favorite former penal colony.

With that being said, I tend to get the impression that Australians have trouble knowing when to stop, which I mostly attribute to the country’s undying love of everything containing alcohol.

As a result, a house on a Canadian mountain filled with Australians sounds like a recipe for disaster — especially after they go on a self-described “2 day bender.”

This video was filmed after the vacationers decided to wake up their roommate Snowy with an appropriate surprise.

In this case, that surprise involved dropping a virtually unconscious person off a 10-foot balcony and into a snowbank below.

Did I laugh out loud when he hit the ground? Yes, but I immediately felt bad about it. At least try to have some sympathy.

H/T: BroBible

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