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That second pounce.


finallystoppedlurkingonimgur says:

Looks like he’s unbuttoning pants that aren’t there

anchored4life says:

I want to be a red panda

Gargam3L says:

That first pounce

RickyRoyce says:


SomeDutchGuy says:

“We’re gonna do the do.”

thetaintedham says:

Because imgur is so much better.

WhatUpMyNinjas says:


leatherboundbooks says:

Rawrr…….. aaaaarrrrrARRGgggrawr

Tyadres says:

I want one D:

DrDresDog says:

This looks like rape. Sweet and adorable rape………..but rape none the less.

PaxEmpyrean says:


Onipolice says:

Red Panda is way cuter than that stupid, ugly, old, washed-up The Panda I used to have.

symphonyofnames says:

Me initiating playfighting. I’m lying, I have no girlfriend.

Zodi says:

You are a panda?

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