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The 9 Best Cat Vines Of 2013

2. How to take a leap of faith

Raven Hammond / Via

3. How to outshine your dance partner

Josh Swensen / Via

For me, check out his YouTube:

4. How to rock a costume

Alex Gunn / Via

5. How to keep a good beat

Cathlyn Jones / Via

6. How to make a bed out of ANYTHING

Ladapa Victoria B / Via

7. How to twerk

Piques / Via

8. How to meow (even if you can’t)

Papa Falcon / Via

Follow on Twitter: @CammyJoJo

9. How to do what you gotta do

Michael Dennis / Via

Follow on Twitter: @MichaelDennis42

10. How bigger isn’t always badder

BigCatDerek / Via

Follow him on Vine: @BigCatDerek

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