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The Bible Endorses Slavery

Christian apologists argue that most of the immoral activity in the Bible is exclusively in the Old Testament under the Law of Moses. Furthermore they sugges…

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The Real Black Atheist says:

This message is clear.I`m going to call it the clear truth

Yaramyahu Yasharal says:

anyone who read the greek text see what is happening you taking 2 different
books like any other christian or atheist and counting them as one the
tanak is the history for yashar’al written for yashar’al so then they might
read understand and turn back but most are just like you lost and have no
understanding of scriptures

TheWorldofblacks says:


what is ur definition of freedomliberation & justice for the entire black
worldwide captivity??

what is ur solution??
what is ur time frame for ur solution??

TheVee909 says:

OH! and the word is SERVANT!! meaning servant of God (NOT SLAVE,) U
purposely use this new age bible to deceived Ur followers but they deserve
to be deceived if they go & listen to any Tom dick or harry on youtube
without reading over the info Ur putting out into the world. Blks don’t
read anyway they get others to read for them.

Jonathan Quinn says:

I like your work very much. I hope you continue making videos

princemarcel says:

Thank you for the information…keep the vids coming.

chrissy jones says:

thanks brother i like how you dive in like a detective. 2014 grown people
still believe in bible children stories

nrtlyrad says:

Brotha plz keep the videos coming…the simple speech and format is very
appealing…as my man Ank would say “you have organized the truth”

TheVee909 says:

typical LAZY blk man that hasn’t READ THE BIBLE.. (Revelations 13/10) says
” He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity. The Whole bible
condemns slavery Bro. ( if U would have read the whole book U would know
this) SMH. Are U ppl on Planet earth? Stop the tom foolery nonsense & lies
Damn!!!. The book of Timothy is NOT!!!! talking about ACTUAL SLAVES. It’s
talking about ppl who R going out into these streets & preaching the word
of God who suppose to obey the Elders of the church. SMH!! the Elders R the
Masters over the young & coming ministers. Don’t U Egyptologist use the
word Elder & U teach the younger generation how to show respect? U ppl are
FAR too old & Childish to keep making videos about a book U haven’t read..
It’s not surprising that U used to be a Christian. U look like the perfect
person that would sit up in a Christian church & believe the lies they
tell. U jump out & made a video about something U know nothing about. Thats
like me doing a video about a movie that i MYSELF haven’t seen yet.

Freethought Channel says:

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