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The D is silent.


Supervarian says:

I made this. That makes it OC, right? Right…?

xHARLEYx says:

I have a feeling THAT D won’t be so silent.

ishouldbedoingworkforuniinsteadofbeingonimgurbuthereiam says:

yes, yes it does

Supervarian says:

Oh goody. Have an upvote.

LittleCabbage says:

The D will be silent, but you won’t be.

BeetlejuiceBreaksIn says:

I totally thought the caption was going to ruin the picture, but it didn’t! This is such an awesome movie by the way.

BaconandHobbes says:

haha! Clever my friend!

bleem313 says:

This.. I Like It.. Another!

Iamnotverygoodatpickingoutusernames says:

damn straight it does!

LilGherkin says:

Hahahaaa I read this, laughed, moved on and had to come back and comment when I realized they really do show his dick later. Awesome.

trolliloll says:

Trivia: That guy is Franco Nero, who played Django in the original movie Django (1966). Thats why he knew it was a silent D.

KayleesShinySpacecraftRepair says:

You are the Devil…we are the D!

vizzbizz says:

What is this D? can someone please tell. I see it a lot these days here. Maybe i missed the imgur D day.. 🙁

ThatWrenchIsSoRatchet says:


woozle says:

D is shorthand for Dick…supposed to make it less naughty I think.

dontcallmeplath says:

When I saw the remake in theaters during that scene I was all, “OMG IS THAT DJANGO!?” And my friends were like, “Uuuhhhmmm. Duh?” lawl

MyNameisNotOwl says:

+1 for proper title usage.

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