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The Lure of Gentrification


Karen Handy says:

This is a class $$$ issue not race. Even here in New Orleans this is taking
place and I know you’d think that that’s a good thing with hurricane
Katrina and all. But what the majority doesn’t know is that developers
don’t want those areas, they’re coming into already established areas that
were unaffected by the storm and with the promise of benefiting all
…..then the business opens without even a mention of any positions of

Mark Puryear says:

Not a bad thing, at all. Its all about the “green”.

Izakokomarixyz says:

how about YOU move to the country or another city and leave us the fuck

smackitupNflipit says:

Fuck these yuppies and their useless overpriced businesses. Fuck that
yuppie transplant guy and his “dumpy” attitude. Hopefully these lemming
idiots and their parents’ red state Republican money funding their Brooklyn
playdates runs out before the borough is totally destroyed by them.

ParkSlopeYuppyToilet says:

Nothing but a bunch of worthless spoiled suburban hipster yuppie transplant
brats paying $4k/mo rent with Daddy Suburban-bucks’ money, they should all
fuck off and die.

mrpower328 says:

I live in a apartment building on Lafayette ave. I moved her in 1994 and
the building was all black people. Now there is only 2 black people left in
this building and now the rest is all white. I guess the owner of this
building is waiting for the only 2 black people to move out.

glorialucia says:

opps “difference”

ntelos763 says:

CONTINUED: I say good for the blacks and latinos that are moving to states
FAR from the big cities. You couldn’t get me (a single white male) to live
in any city nowadays as it could be instant suicide. I bet the people that
lived down by the world trade center in the condos over there regretted it.

trapper101 says:

yea they are cleaning up the neighborhood, but understand this: NOT FOR
YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Those are for the new motherfuckers coming in.

vidhead85 says:

I also wonder: Why does gentrification seem to be a WHITE VS BLACK ISSUE;
Green is the only color that matters when gentrification happens

UmmZeez says:

what if they dont wanna live in those 3 areas… come on…

glorialucia says:

then move to another state or another borough. I’m a young professional,
personally I don’t want to live in an area where I don’t feel safe. So
gentrification is the answer. I can personally afford it.


I grew up in Brooklyn and Queens… Neighborhoods change and usually NOT
for the better. In this case you had an unsafe crappy neighborhood with a
ton of crime and now people with JOBS live there. Fucking deal with it. I
saw my working class neighborhood turn into shit in a matter of 4-5
years… Maybe some of these people and some of you should move there
instead. They’ll feel at home with all the crime, drug addicts and welfare
cases, away from this “horrible gentrification”.

xcanarsiex says:

about time they’re cleaning up brooklyn.

haitianzoezoe says:


ntelos763 says:

These “people” moving into these neighborhoods are doing one thing I never
heard mentioned concerning Gentrification. And that is, they are making
themselves targets for terrorists and God forbid there be a nuclear war or
dirty bomb incident as these “new” neighborhoods would be prime targets.
Remember, 9/11 happened in mostly “european” parts of the country, the
terrorist didn’t come to bed-stuy looking for casualities. Cont….

Lora Drew says:

This is beautiful. I was born & raised in BK, so it’s really nice to see
someone talk about this issue in depth and with such poetry. Great job.

Izakokomarixyz says:

there are ups and downs with both choices…

1000000mark says:

Excellent video and even-handed choice of interviewees. I loved the music.
It was very thoughtful and I wondered it it was written for this film. That
said, you could play this music over a video of someone winning the lottery
and the audience would be weeping at the tragedy. Terrific work, Petra.
We’re proud. Shelly loved it too. Mark

queenofcapitola says:

Do you think the average white person has any more contorl over this than
you do? They are also being thrown out of area’s the Socailist Elite
havedeemed ‘usable’.. The truth is we have got to stop blaming black or
white.. it’s not about race, it’s about CONTROLLING US… and keeping us
under the poverty line… and feeding us lies about each other.. PEOPLE..
this is about destroying us.. and they will use us against each other..

UmmZeez says:

big whatever chick… and what do you mean by “these people”? poor people?

bink914 says:

Please – take about artist liberty. The images of the proverty and borded
up windows are from Crown Heights. Then the film shoots new stores fronts
and brownstones in Prospect Heights. PH is from Flatbush to Washington –
Eastern Pwky to Atlantic. Some of the scenes are taken right from the
center of Crown Heights. Two very different neighborhoods! Which one would
you like to live it.

Adam Torkel says:

@trapper101 Why was the neighborhood so dirty that it needed all this
cleaning up?

John Lanz says:

Its not about color of skin Its about money Everywhere in the world money
pushes no money out Its the way it is Money does not discriminate against

Leta589 says:

All of brooklyn is too gentrified.esp prospect heights the white yuppies
walk around like thier shit dont stink

Izakokomarixyz says:

fuckin yuppies with their weird ways…

Averyofthemain says:

all of brooklyn all of bed-stuy were white middle class neighborhoods
before the black migration, it’s not their neighborhood originally.

rbolo29 . says:

Gentrification is a big part of the so called, New World Order.

mcpimpen says:

wonderful and thoughtful video

Joyness333 says:

“Once ransacked by riots, drug use and gang activity, prospect heights is
now yet another neighborhood fallen prey to gentrifiers.” So I suppose they
should have just let the “riots, drug use, and gang activity” continue
until it tricked and leaked into other innocent neighborhoods, right? Why
would anyone have a problem with cleaning up a neighborhood and pushing out
the violence? Why? How could anyone like or want to live in that?

glorialucia says:

I don’t mind poor people. I mind crackheads, thieves, and drug dealers in
my “up and coming neighborhood”… get rid of them ALL.

smackitupNflipit says:

That’s the whole point, the yuppie transplants hate the poor natives and
want them gone. They are happy every time a native Brooklyn family gets
pushed out; this way it makes room for one more worthless yuppie transplant
family to come in with their Jamaican nanny and Mexican housekeeper.

BulletsBasketballDC says:

Your SUPER hated you? I HATE you now! Go the fuck back to your WAL-MART
town you douchebag!

JRMNYC says:

While I sympathize with Denise Brown’s position on gentrification, I also
disagree with her. The reason that gentrification takes place in the first
place is because those who lived there did not take care of it. Property
values dip so low and people trash their neighborhood. This primes it for a
massive buyout by developers. Forgive me if I sound cruel but I grew up
around the same no account having, ignorant thugs that complain today but
did nothing yesterday. I would rather pay more and …

glorialucia says:

nope I don’t think so, I was born and raised in Brooklyn actually so nope
sorry your accusation is incorrect and cursing isn’t going to get your
point across it only fuels the different in classes. 😉

UmmZeez says:

i almost wanted to cry. i am a former brooklynite that was forced to move
out of brooklyn because of the high prices! but my heart is still there…
ENY, Brownsville, bed stuy crownheights luv!

kym1013 says:

Petra- Wow, talk about an eye opener…we obviously don’t see too much of
this out in Montana! I’m so proud to see you out there doing your thing – I
look forward to seeing more! Kym

TheOcmagic says:

This “Documentary” is misleading and is a perfect example of how the most
played out tactics of depressing music and footage taken out of context is
used to promote one-sided messages of angst and boo-hoo-ery. Cry me a river.

vidhead85 says:

The bottom line is this: Esp in black neighborhoods, we gotta get it
together and stop telling people that education is only for the WHITE
PEOPLE or that being educated is only for white people, the fact is that we
need to be educated and then bring it back to our communities! That’s why
people are leaving and gentrification does help and hurt a lot–WE NEED TO

mrpower328 says:

I don’t mind the cleaning up a neighborhood and pushing out the violence,
but don’t raise the rent so high that the poor can’t live there. 1 small
bedroom apartment for $1800. That is insane. Now innocent poor people that
lived there all their lives have to move out.

glorialucia says:

Ugh they don’t know what their talking about, These people have places to
live in Brooklyn… I’ll name the areas for them. Canarsie, East New York,
Brownsville and Flatlands I doubt those places will be gentrified within
the next 10-15 years. x-D

JRMNYC says:

…not be shot or beat up than live with hoodrats. As a black gay man, I
have suffered harrassment for being who I am and rising above my
surroundings. These folks (not all but most) abhor education, class and
anyone perceived to be different. Good riddance! I have no respect for
those who complain and yet never take care of their own communities. Use it
or loose it… Put up or shut up.

jahotgal01 says:

that is crazy white people cant afford the rent in Manhattan so they move
to Brooklyn and make the rent unaffordable for the residents. a mess

Nova Starr says:

@glorialucia why should they have to leave their home? why don’t YOU move
to another state or stay your ass in suburbia!

Izakokomarixyz says:

ok ^_^

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