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The N word part 2(The Documentary)


OutsideTheRopes says:

@78FightNews Thanks bruh..had to share it with those that might not have
seen it already. There’s a lot of experiences and opinions on this
documentary thats why I like it.

OutsideTheRopes says:

@OuttaControlTroll That’s a good idea. We all have to have this talk with
our little one’s one day, there’s no way around it. My two 6 years olds
started kindergarten this far no problems so i’m just keepin and
eye on shit for now.

78FightNews says:

Great Post Ropes

OutsideTheRopes says:

@MIKESOWELL thx bruh

OuttaControlTroll says:

I just let the lil ones see this b4 school, real shit…

TheTrojanabuser says:

Very interesting.

dontizzle805 says:

Samuel L Jackson reading the dictionary was crazy…..nigger corner smh

superfilipino says:

Good vid!


Great post man.

ProLiF1kZ says:

Good post man

OutsideTheRopes says:

@dontizzle805 Nigger Stick was the one that got me…hateful shit!

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