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There is still too much left unanswered….


DraculasAcuras says:

I’m still trying to figure out the end of LOST.

rdb2011 says:

Can’t corner the Dorner….

cantstopplayingtetris says:

That’s so Raven’s dad.

BaconGod31 says:

Either LL Cool J, The guy that played Raven’s dad on That’s So Raven, or the LAPD murderer guy…

cantstopplayingtetris says:

I thought they killed him?

sweatybeard says:

… Can someone remind me what the questions were?

heffy24 says:

I can explain it to you if you really want one. It was beautiful and one of the best finales ever… after someone explained it to me

Mothergooch says:

Yeah, we need answers! When did LL Cool J join the military?!

TheMeanestPea says:

Would have been better if Jack just woke up and realized it was all a dream.

DaenarysStoreBought says:

As a Brit, i ave no idea who this is.

rustytrumpet says:

Yeah, when IS LL Cool J’s new album coming out?

TechnicolorFerret says:

As a non-american… Answers to what?

WeedlordBonerLover69 says:

it had been whole days without a shitty nsa or ron paul post from reddit, it was far too good to last forever

Eaglebloo says:

I heard he makes delicious sweet potato pie.

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