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These ‘Comfort Dogs’ Are Helping Those Affected By The Orlando Shooting

In the aftermath of Sunday’s horrific shooting in Orlando, people across the country have been reaching out to help those affectedin any way they can.

Ranging from big financial donations such as Disney’s $1 million contributionto the OneOrlando Fund tothe hundreds of Orlando residents who lined up to give blood, there is so such thing as a small impact.

Now even dogs are stepping in to help the Orlando community heal from the weekend’s tragic events. For example, one dog, Gracie the golden retriever, flew in from Davenport, Iowa, to help those mourning. According to New York news outlet PIX11, she’s been “specifically trained to help ease human suffering.”

While most of these service dogs typically visit hospitals and schools in their own communities, certain tragedies like the one in Orlando warrant extra dogs being flown in. If you’ve ever had a dog or been around dogs during a time of need, then you know how truly life-saving they can be.

Watch the video above to get the full scoop on the Orlando comfort dogs.

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