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This rabbit looks like he busts myths


MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

He does look rabbit like Jamie.

Shmangy says:

Somebody photoshop a hat and glasses on this fine fella.

macvsog88 says:

That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen…

BSGTalic says:

That’s just a hare disturbing

LoneDirewolf says:

I just saw the season finale and they said that Grant, Kary, and Tory will not be coming back next season

Shmangy says:

He either busts myths or makes meth. You decide.

Mersadeon says:

I dunno, I think he looks more like he’d sit in a swamp and give advice with bad grammar.

OmnomtheFluffyDinosaur says:


tc832 says:

I really hope they named it Miyagi.

FlawlessLogic says:

They’re liars.

SuperMilkTime says:


nechamkin27 says:

Or trains turtles

LaggyController says:


felixorion says:


rdb2011 says:

I looks like he should be training 4 mutated turtles

RandomCommenter says:

I know it’s not a rat, but kinda looks like Splinter.

NoStringsAttached says:

Does anyone know what breed this is so I know never to buy one?

Channel4NewsTeam says:

What!? But Kary is hot. And Tory is cool. And Grant is Asian and builds robots.

RDLPunk14 says:

It looks like a old martial arts master.

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