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Truth Be Told By Celina and Aseer The Duke Of Tiers


underyourskindvd says:

Angel heart was heavy..

sonofthedestroyer says:

Aseer and that cigar
Reminds me of Will Smiths Gettin Giggy Wit it
‘Ciga-cigar right from Cuba-Cuba
I just bite it
It’s for the look I don’t light it’

BrotherHoodXhERU says:

Awesome…awesome….awesome vid guys….I was feeling kinda down and
out….wanted a Newport so bad….a little stress on the homefront….your
vid was so vibrant…full of love and truth….you guys also kept it
simple…much love and respekt…keep rockin’ it!!!…

Queen Ajali27 says:

greeeeaaaat conversation!

Imati WhatTF says:

I love it thank you great info. could you offer a few movies that
relate to this crazy sh*t that is happening out here. (a little movie
commentary) you guys look good together

Gary Key says:

Mara Brock Akil was the sisters name who created the being mary jane show

777OGU says:

Big up to Celina and Aseer!! Real Moorish King and Queen. Keep up the good

Aasim EL says:

I love your voice Celina!! The minute I hear you say “good afternoon” my
spirit quickens!! Love you. This just made my day you have no idea… 

Aseer Cordoba says:

Made with Love, Enjoy.

Gary Key says:

Awesome Truthful and Powerful video love you guys keep telling the Truth
Peace King and Empress tell the lil king Amoor Peace. Peace light and

liveyourlife495 says:

You are so beautiful. Inside -out!

Selassie999 says:

I am hearing you and Bro. Aseer LOUD and CLEAR, Sis. Celina. Mi familia es
de Panama, tambien. I was raised in Brooklyn, tambien. I attended the
High School of Performing Arts, tambien. This is NOT just a mere
“coincidence”. I am seeking alignment with the Source of Creation and when
things align for me, I see STRONG synchronicities. We need to link, Sis.
I friend requested you on Facebook (Selassie-Aird). Paz, Amor y

Felicitas Spurlock says:


Patrick Curry says:

Anyone with any real insight that understands movies, would know the two of
you would be brilliant film makers. You two have impeccable taste, insight
and knowledge. The time is now!

Tha144000 says:

Yea, people still act like there aren’t black people from Latin America.
You’d think with all the black baseball players from Latin America people
would’ve figured that out by now, lol.
I wrote about that on my blog

Reginald Corley says:

Aseer Duke Of Teirs & His Goddess Celina, Are The Prime Example Of
“Feminite/Masculine” Energies Of Black Love; That People May Wanna
“Fashion/Follow”Themselves Behind; Am Extremely Proud Of The Both Of You
Keep Up The Good Body Of Works Kudos For The 5+ Millions Of Listeners!!!

MissHarlemBeauty says:

This was so perfect I didn’t want it to end! Please make more videos like
this when you have the time, these are the types of conversations I live
for. I have so much to say, and i cant wait to share this with my partner,
he’s going to enjoy it as well. truthfully I want to post it on fb but few
would appreciate this video for ALL that it is. Thank you for this!

j parker says:

Ughh please tell me there’s a continuation to this! I enjoyed the knowledge
you both shared along with the truth.

yattamook says:

Love it

louis waters says:

I really enjoyed the post the chemistry was great. The information coming
from the both of you is the balance we all can learn from. Thanks 

Tony Robinson El says:

Another Fantastic Build

lextownwarrior says:

She took the words right out my mouth about Being Mary Jane, Dajango, and
12 yrs. a Slave. Good vid!

Nina513 says:

This is PEACE.. Got some laughs in, while gaining info and knowledge!
Peace to you both, you all compliment and balance each other, greatly.
PS: Love your hair, Celina.. It’s RARE to see people with ORIGINAL locs

Blk Queen33 says:

Loved it! You two keep me empowered 

stahhr says:

lol Celina you are so my a-alike. You let them have it, as you should.
lovvvvveee you ma!!!

Proudmary7 says:

Lupita said she was not dating Jared Leto.

beatmages says:

Nuff respect dr.aseer n selena,u guys are inspirational

Mentagasm says:

Where is pt. 2? LOL. Thanks so much to the both of you.

deckj2 says:

I like the show. Hope we get to see more!

charles christian says:

you two look so good together….
I love Celina’s voice

buhleke says:

Love you guys and thanks for the video x

LordDeimos775 says:

Love it!!!

Armando~Pakal_2020 says:

I love this…Show!!!!

Tuffa Gong says:

Appreciate you guys. Thanks for sharing with us. Yoga dvd improved my
Tuned in from South Korea.

Taisa Grant says:

I’m a stay at home mom, writer, radio host and when i’m home need something
to keep me from watching junk tv. so please keep it flowin. love yall
together. peace what you said sis about a man being a man. helps me thinkin
of my partner. 

Asha Jahi says:

You both are such an Nspiration. This is as real as it gets and I love it!
In the SUN sweating pure jewels that begets even MOOR LIGHT. Shine on my
beloved SiStar and BroTHOR! I had not had the opportunity to hear from you
all in a while and checked my mail today and saw this gem and decided to
watch, and I was very Nspired.

Noir DuKmt says:

I have great respect that you both live success! A great lesson for all!

cibre sensais says:

I was blessed to be the 777th viewer!

NekaybaawTV says:

great dialogue! it’s profound how left out melanated people are when it
comes to epic films, the shit truely blows my mind. lol thanks for bringing
the conversation i love seeing yall!!

rulondaful says:

Love the video Celina has so much to say and I want to hear it. Can u
recommend some books for me to help me on my spiritual and life journey

Blackbutler James says:

Im jelalous
the brother and sister is in tha Heat !! Good video downloading all the old
shows from 2011 turning human bodies into oil madness !

MoorSirius7 says:

Team Cordoba! 

Stacy Hill says:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have been wanting so long to see the two
of you together doing a video…and my prayers have been answered. You
inspire me on so many levels…often providing wisdom that I never got
growing up as a child. Now, as a wife & mother, you provide a beautiful
example of love & truth for me and my family. I cant say thank you
enough. I haven’t even seen the video yet; but I was too hype to wait until
it was done to comment! Lol …Much Love

Ray W says:

Much love & respect to you both! Hotep!!!

Eric Cooper says:


Kareem Raymer says:

My ex gf should see this.i love her but she’s bugged

Shawnee Bey says:

Wow never did the science on Beyoncé name. Heavy. 

lovenconsciousness says:

I truly appreciate this video. Thanks for insight and humor Celina and

seshta says:

I could not get past just a few scenes of the 1st episode of scandal…just
too much bullshit 4 me.

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