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Valentine's Day is coming up, and, well…


whttrkrnnr says:

Using this. After I leave my room…Ok, not using this.

procrastinationstation says:

My reaction still:

aabbccbb says:

My friends: this is completely irrelevant, but I am about to defend my Master’s Thesis. Yeeehaw! 🙂

StinkFist893 says:

I would have time and Valentine’s day “ain’t nobody got time fo that” meme lady so hard.

kvec says:

Good luck!

bitterbeard says:

I used to hate this Hallmark holiday but now that I make Valentine cards for my wife with with the kids, it’s a blast!

gredgerinho says:

Ain’t nobody got time to got time for me

blueknot says:

Meme valentines… ok. Let’s see some with OAG.

iscreamcakes says:

I’ve got valen-time for you everyday

Frostels says:

*sigh* Valentine’s Day… or as I call it, Thursday.

cantstopplayingtetris says:


aabbccbb says:

Thank you very much!

cantstopplayingtetris says:

sounds like you need to give a bitch a dicking

MathSalts says:

It’s irrelevant, emma watson just sends my letters back now

PeanutBuddha says:

Good ruck, Raggy!

Tallywhackor says:

Ain’t nobody got a rhyme for that. Wait…

iscreamcakes says:

Go get er! What is your thesis on?

IsDaBy says:

I’ve decided that celebrating Valentines Day is somewhat worthless in general. It’s an excuse to take your significant other and do special-

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