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VC Ben Horowitz on biggest question facing U.S.


JoseCleveland says:

Drug is neuro -attack and takes away memory. For decades it can be …here
the med field system was being targeted as so bad…90% of all MD’s said
move away to get proper medical help. (1999 approx.) then in 2009, Iran was
on its commercials for Medical School (Ahmadinejad) and then 10 days later,
a $550 Million donation was received gratefully by the same Medical School
& from an Anonymous Donation. They could use Justice System in time of
need, if needed. Ooops: None at HUD feds bldg.90s

JoseCleveland says:

Microsoft was just coming into govt offices in 1993 and I was leaving due
to President non-confirming war was beginning at HUD Buffalo NY with people
drugged up to die, get sick, move over for new staff & covering up of
mortgage fraud had thought some people …later & after 2007 Recession
began & Mortgage Fraud became known to the public. 15 yrs later we found
out. By 2000/01, Laura Bush was also drugged, transported & passed
out/awakening in places too. Joe & I as well, former HUD Mgr & me

Mahei Foliaki says:
Eldon Edwards says:

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