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Webisode 38: Thurz Talks LA Riot & Hip Hop | DEHH

At the A3C, Dead End Hip Hop caught up with Thurz to discuss his highly praised album LA Riot. As many of you know, LA Riot receive a lot of love from the wh…

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PM2126 says:

My favorite album of 2011

Brian Jonze says:

Childish Gambino’s CAMP.

crowsallaround says:

this is the type of interview we need more of instead of putting
celebrities on a high as pedestal, just talk to them like the

Dwayne Pierce II says:

Thruz seem like a mad chill ass cat, I loved that album I put all my
cousins on it and we bump it almost everyday, NBA Kobe all day Bron aint
touching him til he become a closer, Hope this NBA lockout get lifted today
I wanna see what My Pistons gon do this year and in tha future, NBA2k12
best nba game period wanna get beat hit me up on xbox ThaOmen1026

jake1996patriots says:

Now LeBron has a ring

John Compton says:

Please review TiRon & Ayomari’s “A Sucker For Pumps”!

topstar654 says:

one or two sport questions alright but you went way too damn far. im with

0Moreno0 says:

LA riot album is crazy, it grew on me. everytime I listen to it outside I
feel like slapping the shit out of white people

janderson66285 says:

Youtube type in “Wayne, Women, and Walmart” and check out the conversation
and voice your opinions!! Don’t miss your chance!!

SimpluhFly says:

thurz is the homie

Mike Barker says:

Floyd > Manny w/o hgh

Sheldon G says:

Thurz, i look up to you now. Thank you Dead End Hip Hop for introducing me
to these rappers.

BigMonkeyOnAStick says:

@DisposableMusic Hey man, just letting you know you’re not the only Aussie
DEHH fan

Rajan Hothi says:

Thurz’ teeth are sooooooooo white

HotbagelsProject says:

Keep it up guys

DRM406 says:

First I want to say you guys are cool as hell. Love logging into YouTube to
see you all have a new video up. Please review the new A$AP Rocky mixtape.
Would love to hear your guys opinion.

0Moreno0 says:

I found out about thurz through that reviews so props to deadendhiphop for
letting us know.

89whodatcha says:

If CP3 goes to the Knicks then they’ll be a problem and Melo will benefit
great from that Durant & wade—-lebron

LDAWB says:


Junk Food Mixes says:

Beezy sounds like he’s gonna start the damn mosh pit to Molotov lol

Naomi468 says:

@bandicoot2ps1 im on the Lil B review too. lol…Crazy that you recognized
me. Its cool that the guys let me hang around from time to time.

bandicoot2ps1 says:

Just my ADD but that girl in the backround,I’ve seen her before but I’ve
only heard her talk on the Lasers discussion.Why don’t you guys include her
or bring in a female from time to time on reviews

Malik Green says:

Take Care- Drake.

25bdizz says:

lol…i got friends like C-Town that aren’t into sports like that…so when
the rest of us start talking sports we forget they’re there lol

Ike Phillip Ruffin says:

That album was bananas… Looking forward to the next project from Thurz!

DisposableMusic says:

@BigMonkeyOnAStick chill man great to see more aussie fans

Kennith Inge says:

@femiboy34 Appreciate it!!

Ian K says:

Great interview guys.

Xplisit23 says:

14:03 !! “daz kinnda crazy duuuuu!!”

StokeCityFC44 says:

after manny’s last fight it’s surely got to be an easy win for money (if
they ever actually get the fight on that is)

drakeblackmon says:

Denver seemed to gel even more so after Melo’s exit… but good interview

femiboy34 says:

FIRST. and great job, long live DEHH!

Junk Food Mixes says:

Childish Gambino – Camp

haroo86 says:

I know this old, but just wanted to say, im another Aussie DEHH follower 🙂
best show man, shout out to all the DEHH crew, respecta

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