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Well my day would be ruined too!


Glitchiness says:

Some men…

TheUnbearableLightnessOfPooping says:

Damn I’d fucking kill for a lunchable right now

sarcasm311 says:

Guess you’ve never encountered the hotdog/bun perdicament…

FangsFirst says:

Ah, my plan begins to come to fruition…

MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

He hates everyone so much he’ll have a conversation with himself.

city00 says:

No Pizza?

DeadBonesBrooke says:

Fuck you guys, this is a serious adult problem.

StainsMcDuck says:

Can you imagine? The horror! The horrorrr! My Godddd!

DarthAegon says:

TIL anon seems to only have first world problems.

enneque says:

So you’re hiding your face in a paperbag to avoid the embarassment?

jjr4242 says:

This is the type of thing that would make my ex furious. Gentlemen, do not stick your dick in crazy. Ladies, don’t let crazy in either.

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