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Why I love Martin Short (among other reasons)


KingMachine says: in that building.

frakinguser says:

Tom Hanks and Jimmy Fallon jumping giddily about in the background is what gets me

MyFriendsThinkIAmHilarious says:

I feel like Tom Hanks is the coolest guy ever.

Kooryn says:

love Martin Short he’s a classic

AffleckYoutheBombinPhantomsyo says:

I told jimmy Fallon to fuck off once.

Fb62 says:

You whore!

schmonika says:

Except that he didn’t die.

MasterPrime says:

he pets samuel l jackson. like a cat.

megawhale says:


inthemorning says:

Why are all those awesome people in one place?

manbearpig69 says:

This is why I watch SNL, also this xmas episode was amazing, I recommend it.

nicolepurry says:

if you go to you can watch it.

RedneckOfImgur says:

Tom Hanks will always be Captain John H. Miller to me.

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