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Why MTV Is Ruining America


Samantha Ruddock says:


socialmediapessimist says:

Will do! I’m working on it 🙂

bittersweetdoll13 says:

I subscribed just because your mom and grandpa <3 They are so cute! But
seriously keep working, you are doing great videos 😀

adam theairgunner says:

I meant mikey bolts

Sam Dejersey says:


Aaron Weyhrich says:

“He says it’s great, so it is.”

Adrian Crevan says:

Why not get all the terrible performances together in a room and fill it
with Krokodile and let them die.

Nageki Low says:

I’ll join your cult following x’D

Mike Smith says:

All that being said, I really enjoy the new chicken burrito at the Taco

adam theairgunner says:

You should do some stuff with Miley bolts check out his channle

Jessalyn Boutilier says:

lol omg bff yolo twerk fap lmao

galesx95 says:

I subscribed, you actually deserve more subscribers! You have to promote
you channel.

Leafisa says:

You have nice Ass. Twerk it Sean

Catie Fortner says:

THANK YOU! Why can’t everyone see this and understand?

Teresa Schroth says:

Enjoy watching your show. you may want to watch Ylvis – Stonehenge
[Official music video HD] . I really learned from this video.

shortgiantproduction says:

u should do a collab with mikey bolts. He does some pretty good rants too.

Robin Vikøren says:

Oh my god dude!.. I am so glad i found your channel! Finally somebody with
fucking brains on the internet! WIshed i could subscribe more than once..

Christinekizzi says:

Why did I not find you videos sooner?!! BLESS YOU ! I’m in love with your
channel now! (youtube channel) Thanks for making these !!

Jessalyn Boutilier says:

opps ass ass ass ass

CSA says:

Ooops ass ass ass ass ….. loooooool you’re brilliant!

TheDrogoBoffin says:

It is sad that MTV counts on stuff like this to keep their views up and
that people actually watch MTV. It may date me but I can still remember
when MTV was “Music”. I also am now the bad guy because I dont want my
daughters who loved Hannah Montana and like Miley to look up to her and
want to follow the example she is leaving. I say “Pass the poison” Also are
we gonna wear sweatpants and Nikes?

Sam Dejersey says:

Balls through the fucking roof

Gustav Lindström says:

You got yourself a new sub, hello! You are basically saying what everyone
is thinking (at least everyone outside the us)

Katerin Schmidt says:

So sweeeeeeeeeeet my god

socialmediapessimist says:

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