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Woman Travels Across Country To Have Sex With Men In Each City She Visits

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Couchsurfing, sure. But bedsurfing?

A 19-year-old Shanghai woman named Ju Peng posted an ad to Chinese social media website Weibo, explaining an unconventional travel plan.

Ju hopes to pay for her lodging on a future trip throughout China with sex rather than money.

Each night, Ju will stay with a different wealthy host. She gets a bed, and they get sex with a side of arm candy. She thinks that it’s a foolproof, budget-friendly way to fund her excursion.

The ad reportedly describes the ideal “temporary” boyfriend as “good looking, under 30, taller than 1.75 metres and, of course, rich.”

Of the unique kind of “hitchhiking,” Ju writes,

[The men] will fund my transport to their city and all my expenses while I am there and they need to be generous.

In return, they get a whole night with me, my undivided attention, and a chance to show themselves off in the company of a truly beautiful girl.

Prostitution is the trade of sex for payment, so the line between free love and sex trade is blurry here. In China, prostitution is illegal but widely accepted.

Ju Peng hopes to see the rest of China.

Bed and BawdBed and Bawd

But the teenage student is short on funds.

Bed and BawdBed and Bawd

Ju’s relying on her looks to secure her a bed.

Bed and BawdBed and Bawd

But don’t bother applying if you’re not an under-30 millionaire.

Bed and BawdBed and Bawd

Ju only goes for the high-class gentlemen.

Bed and BawdBed and Bawd

H/T: Mirror UK, Photos Courtesy: CEN

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