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J. F.G says:

Omg. Every canadian can relate.
Out for a rip are yeah bud? 

johanexxxx says:

Lol, you are canadian?

MrPiquo says:

With all the Youtubers I follow, they all turn out to be Canadian.

Quite a nice some.

BlakeMcTavishe says:

Atlanta got ROCKED!
We aren’t prepared for anything like what we got hit with.

Bondanalloy says:

Barrie is still buried.. So it’s still current :s

Satyam360 says:


Corsen Project says:

So cool!

ShadowoftheShades says:

I WISH THIS WINTER WOULD END ALREADY!! Sun’s shining more, sure…but the
WIND & FLURRIES WON’T GO AWAY! Fun video! This PA, USA fan enjoyed very
much. =)

amylouise1 says:

Yey a new vid! Good one Shade, I missed you! Awesome shout out to the
Brits, definately need those sandbags 😉 hope it’s warmer than the north
pole now!

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