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10 Things Only Pinterest Lovers Will Understand Lead The Daily Links

Sometimes, the path to true love goes through the brain, not the heart: Meet the math genius who hacked OkCupid and found “the one.” – [Wired]

Prepare to be turned into a puddle of warm goo: These pictures of little boys and their dogs are TOO CUTE. – [Dogster]

Tech trends can truly be baffling: Some jerk scammers are selling iPads that are actually just bathroom tiles. – [BetaBeat]

Pound for pound, joke for joke, these are the 50 funniest people EVER. – [Guyism]

Because there isn’t already enough irony in the world, here are 6 reasons why Smash Mouth should headline Coachella. – [College Humor]


Let your legs run free! Here are 10 reasons why pants are the worst. – [HelloGiggles]

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