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11 Alarming Tweets From Ringo Starr


Yeah I Wanna tower having well we have a new app dothe phone so twitters watch out is me R***— Ringo Starr (@ringostarrmusic) June 23, 2012

2. Wow Hot Hott Hottt N Y N Y R***


What a great night what a great show I love Boston love love love Baringo— Ringo Starr (@ringostarrmusic) June 20, 2012

5. At the art show last night grate R***


How crazy was that pop art gallery last night R***— Ringo Starr (@ringostarrmusic) June 26, 2012


Which unassisted optima going to do a good okay Lordy Lordy Picca Bennicoff wow my fish Trietsch yeah Pisa love Ringo my Feras tweets— Ringo Starr (@ringostarrmusic) June 19, 2012

9. A little something for you to think about R**+


At l— Ringo Starr (@ringostarrmusic) June 22, 2012

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