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11 Kitchen Things For Dinosaur Lovers.

Come on, who doesn’t love dinosaurs and cookies?

1. Triceratops Corn-on-the-Cob holder

Everybody hates buttery fingers! If you want to stay classy even while eating corn, try this sophisticated triceratops holder.

Triceratops Corn-on-the-Cob holder

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2. Dinosaur cake-stands

Elegant porcelain cake-stands, perfect for tea time, happy hour or an after dinner dessert.

Dinosaur cake-stands

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AND you can also pile them up in a dinosaur pyramid.How can you top that?

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3. Cupcake molds

To be served of course on the Brontosaurus stand.

Cupcake molds

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4. T(ea)-Rex

Choose your tea blend, fill your little dino and let it soak in your favorite cup.


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5. Dinosaur-on-the-bottom cups

Of course here you couldn’t fit the little Tea-Rex.This cup ain’t big enough for both of them.

Dinosaur-on-the-bottom cups

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…and when it comes to cookie cutters, you’re spoiled for choice!

6. Awesome three-dimensional cookie cutters

Awesome three-dimensional cookie cutters

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7. Scientifically accurate fossil cookie cutters

Scientifically accurate fossil cookie cutters

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8. Silicone chocolate mold

If you still aren’t satisfied with the cupcakes and all those cookies remember, this is a judgement free zone. And tiny dinosaur chocolates are simply irresistible.

Silicone chocolate mold

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9. Triceratops ice tray

Straight from the ice age into your drink.

Triceratops ice tray

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10. Wine-O-Saur

Or if you’re fancy and prefer wine…


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11. Pastasaurus

Don’t let the teeth trick you, it’s herbivorous… and it will help you untangle your spaghetti.


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I think we can all agree: triceratops were the coolest Dinos in town.

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